What Guests See When They Review You On Airbnb

Airbnb review system is a fundamental part of what has made the Airbnb platform so successful. The community is based on trust and you need to be able to trust the guests that stay in your place and likewise, the guests need to be able to trust that you’re going to be a good host. So it useful to know, what guests see when reviewing a host. See the small video below.


How Does The Review System Work

Guests and hosts get 14-days to review each other after the stay has been completed. The system is a blind review system so you don’t get to see what the guests have written until you have completed a review for them and vice-versa.

After publishing your review, you’re only able to change it after 3-days and if the guest hasn’t submitted their review. As soon as the guest submit their review, both reviews are locked in and can not be changed. Unless it violates Airbnb’s Content Policy

3 Tips on Writing a Review

  • Be honest. The biggest thing here is to be honest, if they were really messy, mention it. Next time the stay in another Airbnb they might change their ways.
  • Would you recommend them? If you honestly think you could recommend the guests then 100% select the button that to say you don’t recommend them. It’s important for the community, as if enough people don’t recommend them, they will no longer be able to book on the Airbnb system.
  • Write about them. If they were a couple that had a small child who was a good a gold, write about it. As this will help other hosts in future decide if they host them.


Just remember the whole thing is built on trust, so helps to pay it forward by writing good quality reviews for guests and giving them the appropriate stars. As a host, you’ll be checking reviews to screen guests if they should stay in your property. If they review doesn’t say much, it’s not going to help you in your decision-making process.