Were you affected by California wildfires?

In these pasts few weeks, California is being devastated by massive wildfires destroying communities and causing many deaths.

The fire is not only leaving people in a fragile emotional state but also without a home.
Airbnb decided not to be indifferent face to this tragedy and activate its “Open Homes” programs offering free accommodation for those affected by this heartbreaking disaster.

If you want to find accommodation, you will need to create an Airbnb account or log into your existing one. By clicking in “Disaster reliefs” you will be able to look for a house in the affected areas and choose the ones with rooms available through November 29.

Search the Airbnb site and find shelter if you were affected by the Hill and Woolsey fires near LA or the Camp Fire in northern California.

In these situations, is very common to see people trying to take advantage and get free accommodation. For that reason, the site placed a system to prevent any type of bad behaviour and if any troublemaker is found, he or she will be asked to leave the property.

The company launched this program in 2012 after the Hurricane Sandy and it’s not the first time being actioned. At the beginning of September, due to the Hurricane Florence that did $607 million worth of damage, a lot of people were looking for shelter.

Tech firms like Google, Facebook, Apple and Microsoft are also providing aid
with Crisis Map to help authorities gather information, Crisis Responses pages to support the contact with your loved ones and cash donations to help evacuees.

When “Open Homes” is activated, Airbnb reach out to hosts to see if they can accommodate those affected. Hosts who are able to help can list their spaces free of charge because the company removes all booking fees.

Airbnb’s site discloses that 2,200 hosts in northern California already signed up offering free shelter for those in need.