TSA PreCheck Helps Skips Those Queues

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has added 6 trusted airlines to its Pre-Check program, it announced on May 2.

These new partnering airlines are Thomas Cook (UK), Thomas Cook (Scan) Porter Airlines, Condor Airlines, Air Serbia and Scandinavian Airlines. This brings to 52 the total number of airlines in the PreCheck initiative.TSA says this will expedite the screening program which will enable low-risk travelers to enjoy efficient and smart screening experience at over 200 airports in the US.

Moving forward, PreCheck travelers won’t have to take off their shoes or remove belts, laptops or light jackets.
The PreCheck service is available for travelers departing from the US airports to international destinations, and for domestic flights after coming back to the country. It will cost travelers $85 to apply for the TSA PreCheck for 5 years, or $17 per year.

According to TSA officials, the new partnership will significantly improve trusted traveler populace and raise the bar for aviation security. They added that the move showed TSA’s commitment to increasing the airlines participating in its PreCheck program, which helps more qualified travelers to experience quick screening.

The TSA officials said the organization continues to use unpredictable security measures throughout the airport, and reiterated that travelers will be screened and that no one will be assured expedited screening.