Tips to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand out

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Want to know some tips to make your vacation rental stand out from the rest? It seems that almost everyone who has spare rooms, an RV, cabin or vacation home are trying to rent them out. That makes the Airbnb rental market a crowded place. To get a step ahead of your competition, you need to know how to make your property stand out.

Just keep reading to find out how to make your spare room, etc., look attractive and better than your competitor’s.

Take the right photos

What is interesting to you about your property may not be interesting to your potential guests. Learn to focus on the whole property not just what you like. Then follow the following photo-taking suggestions to spice up those photos:

a. Make sure your property is not filled with clutter or messy

b. Take honest photos that are very bright not dark or shadowy

c. Use the right lens to have your property look spacious

d. Don’t edit the photos, Photoshop is not always your friend

e. Use more daylight photos and stay in focus

f. Don’t tilt your camera but keep your photos level and looking straight at your subject

Check out even more tips on taking photos for your vacation rental.

Stay focused

By this, we mean that you should only pick one or two rental niches to advertise in. If you spread yourself out too thin, you won’t be able to have your property stand out and you may lose potential guests. This also helps you write better descriptions of your property.

Use the proper marketing techniques

Since comfort is almost standard throughout the world, this is not going to be a great selling point. Find something unique that no one else offers and highlight that. Some people call this creating an experience and making your distinct brand but it is really called good advertising.

Learn to write well

Part of making your property stand out from the crowd is writing top-notch descriptions. This does not mean writing fairy tales but be honest and direct your comments towards the type of guest you want staying in your rental area.

Be descriptive, add the property’s and location’s amenities but keep it simple and easy to understand. Also, longevity is not a positive characteristic. be concise and spark interest.

Don’t be slow to respond to inquiries

This is going to be what makes or breaks your success. Even if you have the greatest location, the best photos, and very informative descriptions if you are slow to respond to potential guests’ questions and e-mails they will look elsewhere.

Good customer service is always king, even when only addressing potential guests’ initial questions

Some final words

Making your property stand out takes a little time to perfect. You may have to do several dry runs and see what photos or descriptions, etc., need to be edited to present your rental property in the best light.

The bad news is your competitors are doing the exact same thing. That means you have to be at the top of your game to get those potential guests making reservations with you, especially down the low season.



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