Tips for taking great photos for your vacation rental

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but a great picture can be worth many bookings.  The more bookings you get the better your rental business. To find out how to take great photos of your rooms just continue to read our article. it has the tips you need to know about.


#1. Clean each room

Nothing will turn potential guests off than seeing a messy or very dirty room. Make sure the room is staged just right and keep everything free from stains, spills, and out of place items.

#2. Keep the bed the subject

That is one thing about taking photos of bedrooms. Potential guests want to know if the bed is large enough and if it is comfortable enough to get a good night’s rest. Everything else, like a good view, closet or desk, etc., is essential but is also secondary to the bed.

#3. Use the best lighting possible

Dark and dingy rooms tend to attract those weird guests you would rather not meet. or they drive potential guests to your competition. Find the best lighting possible and use it to its maximum potential. that way the room will look light, airy, friendly, and perfect for normal guests you love to meet.

#4. Keep bathroom photos simple

Unless there is something unique that your guests do not have in their bathroom, try to highlight those features your guests worry about the most. Show that the bathroom is clean, nice, and comfortable. if the fixtures are new, include them in your shots but you really do not have to be an Ansel Adams here. Keep the photos simple, clear, and honest.

#5. The higher the resolution the better

Every room you take photos of should be in the highest resolution possible. 1024 by 683 or higher are the ideal pixel settings. Less than that and your photos will look like they came from an antique photo album- grainy, out of focus, and not very attractive.

#6. The living room, dining room, and kitchen matter

These are the rooms that your guests will probably be spending a lot of time in. Each room needs its own shots but you also need to show how they connect so your potential guests get the idea of the flow of your space.

#7. Learn how to frame your rooms

It is called framing the shot and you are getting the best side of your room. Just like actors and actresses who believe they have a good and a bad side when they are being filmed, so does your room. Experiment a little here but balance the wall, ceiling, and floor exposure or add in a corner to help bring out the best side of the room.

#8. Shooting the exterior

This is the first impression your potential guests will have of your home. Make sure you stage it right, keep everything clean and uncluttered. Avoid shadows wherever possible and make sure it is a sunny day. Keep the sun to your back as well and try to shoot straight on instead of trying to be the next Rembrandt.

#9. Don’t be afraid to edit

Photoshop is your friend as long as you do not lie about the room you are editing. This part of photo-taking lets your potential guests see your rooms as you see them. Bring out the vibrant colors with a little click of the mouse button. if you can’t do it, hire a professional to help you.


What to and what not to do in your photos

There is no particular order to these guidelines. They are just casual reminders of what to watch out for or implement when you take your photos:

#1. For the bedroom, you should stand in a corner at the foot of the bed, remove clutter, and keep everything balanced. Fluff those pillows.

#2. Don’t add ‘cute’ little accessories. It will only clutter up the photo and do not take flat photos.

#3. For the bathroom, close that toilet lid, drawers, mirrors, and iron your towels. Highlight special features and fixtures.

#4. Don’t take a lot of photos. One will do if the room looks balanced and captures everything. Also, avoid catching yourself in the mirror when you snap that photo.

#5. Turn off the t.v. and other appliances and focus on those amenities that help you attract the guests you want. Keep the furniture arranged properly and clean the rooms.

#6. Do not leave uneaten food in the picture, keep all rooms neat and tidy. Also, forget about having models as that violates Vrbo’s terms and conditions.

#7. Outside the position of the sun is important so make sure you get good shots when there are no shadows and you are not facing the sun.

#8. Do not tilt your camera or go for those creative angles. Just a nice straight forward photo will do and no fish-eye lens shots

#9. Any extra shots you may take should all be neat, clean, and nice to look at. Show off those kitchen utensils, flat-screen televisions, and other nice new items your guests will be able to use and enjoy

Some final words

You do not have to be a professional to take great photos of your rooms. Just have confidence and make sure everything is clean, balanced, and looking good. Film the best side of your rooms and house.