The Party’s Over!

Airbnb parties are a thing of the past.

As a result, parties and other gatherings are no longer permitted in any of the properties listed on Airbnb.

When bars and clubs were forced to close or restrict entry owing to the pandemic of coronavirus, the accommodation-sharing company made the decision to temporarily prohibit partying behaviour in rental residences after July 2020.

Guest accounts may be suspended or terminated if they violate the party restriction, according to Airbnb, which warned of “severe penalties” for violators. According to the firm, there have been 44% fewer reports of parties at listed residences than there were a year earlier.

Last year, the accounts of around 6,600 people were suspended for “attempting to breach our party ban.”.

A capacity restriction on select rentals will be lifted as part of Airbnb’s new stance that owners want to remove the 16-person cap. With the removal of Airbnb’s “event-friendly search filter,” parties and gatherings previously authorised but not publicly reported will no longer be searchable.