12 Things we learnt from hosting on Airbnb

Being an Airbnb host presents one with a wider scope of things that happen when you let out your home for rentals. Some of the lessons that we learn are beneficial to we the homeowners and also serves to instruct the guests on how to conduct themselves once in the homes. The lessons include:-

A home situated in the right area generates more profit

For people living in the popular London instead of letting your home stay empty, you can charge up to £200 for a night.  If you have a clean spacious spare room you can make over £60 per night. This is enough money to help you strategize on the plan and make Airbnb your main income whilst following things like a 4-Hour Work Week.

Expect complains

Sometimes, some guest gets irrational and complain about some unnecessary needs. If the complaints are not realistic, you can easily ignore the situation. However, if you have more than one guest complaining about the situation, it is good to address the situation right away.

Preparing a Lived-in home is not an easy task

Even though preparing your home for renting can be a daunting experience. You should get a cleaner to help. Make sure that you fix little problems, ones where you find a workaround for them but someone new to your property would need to know the workaround.   For personal documents, ensure that they are in safe which is locked.

Some lived-in house surfaces are too old. Even though we get positive reviews from the guests, some surfaces are impossible to make look clean even though they have been scrubbed top to bottom. Don’t worry too much, as long as the rest of the property is clean you’ll be okay.

Notify the guests about the potential problems at your home

Sometimes, it is easy for one to ignore some challenges in a home since you are the owner and knows how to deal with it. However, for some guest, the challenges may get unbearable. Thus, notifying the guests about the issue at hand is crucial. For this, you prevent getting some bad reviews for the home.

Notify your neighbours about renting your home

You can tell your neighbors to keep watch on your property once the guests are in. The neighbors serve as security to your home and property in case the guests behave inappropriately. Be sure to let them know what you are up to!

Little things get broken

Even though people may never have the intention of damaging your home, some things such as door handles may accidentally get broken. By this, you should not feel depressed since you are out to do business, there are risks you should expect. It’s rare large object get damaged. Most people are honest and will inform you of the fact.

The people are polite and honest

We might call it luck but, we may also say that the guests are polite and respectful to your home. It is rare to find your home damaged. For a good experience, we ensure that on the return of the homeowners, the property professional cleaned after the last guests that stay. This will make you feel alot better the experience.

The guest always leaving things behind

This is a common incidence whereby people leave behind somethings in your house. Sometimes, one leaves them unaware, and it is professional to reach out to the people to give them back their belonging. Do I as soon as possible to avoid inconveniencing them.

For a large family, beds may be a limiting factor

For large families renting a lodging, they opt for a spacious home. This normally is Mum & Dad, Children and Grand Parents. Beds might, however, be a challenge in the room. Thus, you can incorporate bunk beds for the room to suit the family. 6 people is the ideal number.

Some things may get displaced

It is rare that things get stolen from your home. However, the guests may transfer some of your things to a different location within the house. Even though this may be unsettling for you, it does not cause any harm.

Leave clear instructions for the guest

Its okay leave an invite note for the guests. Sometimes, you have food in the house, and you may want the guests to partake in the meal. Please state it in the welcome note that they can eat the food. Failure to this, you may be back to your pace to find that the food went bad. Also, put the house rules in the clear. By this, the guest will have an easier time running thing in the house.

Airbnb serves a wide scope of people more than just holidaymakers

You may be thinking that Airbnb serves people going for a vacation only. The truth is, it serves a variety of clients such as people transitioning to a new home. Also, business people and people attending seminars also seek Airbnb services.


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