Say Goodbye to Noise Disturbances: How Alertify Make Guest Monitoring Easy

Alertify helps hosts eliminate the headache of monitoring for guest violations
Alertify has proven capable of stopping over 90% of parties 5 minutes from the onset of disruptions. Here’s how this technology has helped hosts cut down on repetitive tasks and simultaneously stop guests from disrupting the peace.

Being a host is no easy task and can prove to be a job that has many responsibilities, from property management to staying on top of guest communication and keeping track of who checks-ins and checks-out of each unit. It can be overwhelming, especially when dealing with multiple properties or units. Alertify aims to simplify this process and has built its room-monitoring devices with the specific needs of hosts in mind.

The Challenge: Hosts deal with a range of common problems

Short-term rental hosts frequently grapple with a range of common challenges that can impact property management and guest satisfaction. These challenges encompass issues like guest misconduct, which includes unauthorized parties, excessive noise, and rule violations such as smoking. When these issues arise, communication with guests can become time-consuming.

Amongst this hosts commonly face property damage as a result of unauthorized parties which can necessitate maintenance and repairs, affecting both the property’s condition and future bookings. Unauthorized parties also bring with it smoking. The ongoing upkeep of cleanliness and maintaining a smoke-free atmosphere poses continuous challenges as well. Additionally, the need to ventilate properties after smoking guests stay can result in substantial expenses and lost revenue from temporarily unavailable units.

Additional hurdles hosts face include keeping documentary evidence of guest violations for deposit chargebacks and future disputes, and the time-consuming task of guest vetting to ensure future guests don’t commit violations, like partying and smoking. Alertify provides room-monitoring solutions to address these challenges, offering hosts peace of mind and relieving them of repetitive tasks.

The Solution: Alertify monitors in real-time

Alertify’s newest feature Guest Alert helps hosts alert guests when a violation occurs

Being a short-term rental host is a multifaceted role that demands continuous attention around the clock. Guest Alert, a new feature of Alertify, has been specifically designed to cater to the unique needs of short term rental hosts. With Guest Alert, hosts can find peace of mind in that their properties are safeguarded even when they are off the clock. Guest Alert automatically sends text and email notification alerts to guests who commit violations, whether it’s excessive noise, smoking, or throwing unauthorized parties, amongst others.

This feature has been so successful, it has managed to stop 90% of parties on the first notification sent and has deterred unwanted behavior as well as, allowed hosts to respond swiftly, mitigating potential damage to their rentals. This feature frees hosts from the need to be on-call 24/7, enabling them to maintain a healthy work-life balance while ensuring the well-being of their property and the comfort of their guests.

Tangible Evidence: Alertify captures all incidents on downloadable reports

Alertify helps prevent guest violations and reduce the time it takes to resolve disputes when they occur. It offers objective and detailed downloadable reports for incidents recorded by the room-monitoring devices. These reports serve as evidence when addressing various issues within short-term rentals. Each report provides an overview of the incident, including the type of violation such as smoking, noise disturbances, or exceeding occupancy limits, guest information specifying who was in the unit at the time the incident was recorded, as well as the incident’s duration, and the date and time it occurred.

When issuing fines or resolving civil disputes with guests, it’s important to supply objective evidence of the violation that took place. These after-incident reports provide transparency and fairness in such cases, and ensure that these disputes are handled quickly and fairly.

Coming soon: Guest Screening

Alertify is always looking at ways to provide hosts with even more valuable tools, and one exciting upcoming feature is the Guest Screening portal. This portal offers a comprehensive pre-check-in screening process to hosts of short term rentals. Hosts will have the capability to customize screening questions, enabling them to gather relevant information from guests before their arrival. This helps hosts ensure that guests are a good fit for their property and enhances security and trust. The portal will allow hosts to clearly communicate their rental rules to guests, who will be required to acknowledge and agree to them. Hosts may also require guests to upload a selfie as a digital signature, creating a digital paper trail of their acceptance of the rules.

Alertify’s Guest Screening portal and incident reports work together to provide solid evidence during any potential dispute and offer an objective view of the violation incident. They work together because the Guest Screening portal shows that guests were informed about the unit’s rules and the incident reports highlight the details of the violations and which guests were in the unit at the time. This combination is a recipe to resolve issues promptly and fairly.

In conclusion, Alertify has made the lives of short-term rental hosts much easier by automating mundane tasks with its newly released feature Guest Alert. With a remarkable success rate of stopping 9 out of 10 parties within 5 minutes of disruptions, Alertify has proved its efficacy in curbing disruptive guest behaviour. Alertify serves as a dedicated solution to monitoring noisy guests, smoking and unauthorized parties taking place, as well as providing solid evidence for each of these violations – giving hosts the power to control the situation, protect their properties from damage and ensure they are protected from future disputes. Ready to get started?