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There are just a few more items that will add value to your Airbnb and make your guests feel thought of. These miscellaneous items are not a necessity, but they do come in handy from time to time.

Adapter Plugs

People who travel regularly know the importance of adapter plugs. However, they are some of the most forgotten items when it comes to traveling. Buy adapter plugs that can fit various types of international plugs; it’s also a plus if they have a built in converter. You’ll be leaving these in the apartment, so make sure that you keep track of them in case they go missing.

USB Plugs

If you don’t have USB sockets, you’ll definitely need USB plugs. These days, most people connect and charge their devices through the use of USB cables. This is just an added extra that makes it more convenient for your guests.

Disposable Slippers

To add that extra touch of luxury, give your guests the option of using disposable slippers. However, make sure you get one that’s good quality. There’s nothing like being able to kick your shoes off and having plush slippers to use instead. Give your guests this option and you’ll likely hear good things about it on reviews.

Clothes Drying Rack

One of the beautiful challenges of being an Airbnb host is to be able to anticipate guests’ needs. This is just in case your guests need to dry something up. A clothes drying rack is just a thoughtful option that can really impress your guests. It gives the impression that you’ve thought about everything guests could possibly need and provided it for them.

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