Products We Recommend For The Living Area

Most of the time, the living area is the space that will create your guests’ first impression of your place. If it’s the first thing that your guest will see, you have to make sure that it makes the best impression. You can arrange and design your living area the way you want to and with whatever kind of furniture you may already have, but it’s important not to forget a few extras that might make the difference between a four-star stay and a five-star one.


Depending on the season and where your Airbnb is located, it might be handy to have fans available for your guests. If you have ceiling fans on your rental, then you won’t have to worry about it. However, if you don’t have ceiling fans, it might be a good idea to have a few fans in storage just in case you guest requests for one.

Space Heaters

During the wintertime, it might be imperative for you to be able to offer your guests space heaters. This is not exactly an essential item, especially if you already have heating options available such as central heating or a fireplace.

Wi-Fi Extenders

Unless you have an extremely adept Wi-Fi router, it might be smart to get at least a couple of extenders so your guests can enjoy reliable Wi-Fi throughout their stay. A poor Wi-Fi reception is guaranteed to garner some negative reviews. It’s an unnecessary issue when there’s a solution available.


While a television is not required, it’s certainly a perk for many people. In addition, having a smart television is an even bigger perk for some. Allowing your guests to have access to their Netflix accounts is something that may warrant an excellent review.


These are more for you than your guests really. Coasters are meant to protect your furniture, and most people will use coasters as long as they’re visible. Invest in decent and attractive coasters that can protect your furniture from damage that can be caused by any liquids.


Rugs are not only decorative pieces; they help maintain the integrity and cleanliness of your floors—no matter why kind of floors they may be. As decorative pieces, they can complete the look of any floor. These are not necessary, but they can add that final touch to any room.

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