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Whether you have a full-sized kitchen, a kitchenette, or just a wet bar, it’s still important to have several essentials that can help your guest enjoy their Airbnb stay even more. These kitchen items are just the basics of what you should provide. You can add to this list as you seem fit.


At some point, your guest may want some hot water for tea. If they can’t find a kettle, then they can’t make tea. It’s as simple as that. There are many different kinds of kettles you can buy—from stovetop to electric kettles. Find one that suits you and your space the best. If you don’t have a stove, it would only make sense to go electric.

Coffee Machine

It’s true that not everyone uses the rental coffee machine, but most of the time it’s because there’s either no coffee to use or the coffee available is just not enticing. Just having a good coffee machine alone can be a selling point for some people. Invest in a higher end machine, and you might find yourself refilling coffee stocks more.


If you were to have an extra appliance in the kitchen, it has to be a toaster. It’s easy to use for guests, and they’re also fairly affordable. It’s a great appliance for guests who like to stay in for breakfast.

Coffee Press

While it may not be a necessity, it’s definitely a nice touch to have a coffee press in your kitchen. It tells your guests that you are giving them options, and that they can have better coffee if they’d like. Coffee presses add a touch of luxe to a place, but don’t have a press in lieu of a coffee machine. Not everyone may want coffee that way.

Microwave Oven

Microwaves are certainly a convenience to have, but they’re not necessary. They require a lot of countertop space that you might not have either. If you do, then it’s an added bonus. Otherwise, you shouldn’t worry about it too much. If you want, you can have a unit available if ever a guest asks for it.

Wine Glasses

There’s nothing worse than having to drink wine out of cups, and you certainly shouldn’t make your guests commit this offense. Provide at least two wineglasses for every stay, but expect your wine glasses to break frequently. It might be smart to buy them in bulk from the get go.

Drinks Tumblers

Again, this wouldn’t make or break your Airbnb, but it’s a nice touch for guests to have access to tumblers. You should only put a couple of tumblers at the most in the rental just for those times when your guests might need one.


Options for cutlery will come in handy when your guest ever decides to stay in for a meal. Never use plastic cutlery as your standard. Invest in good quality cutlery that you can wash and reuse. They’ll last a long time, especially when you keep track of how many you have after each guest.


You may not need to have one present in the rental at all times, but it’s important that you have a few in stock just in case your guest asks for one. Since they often go missing, you’ll want to have good, sturdy corkscrews that are fairly reasonably priced.


While it may not always be used, it’s helpful whenever an Airbnb has a knife handy and ready to go for when it’s needed. If you don’t feel comfortable having a knife in the rental, at least have a set available if ever your guests put in a request for one.

Pots and Pans

If you’re Airbnb is outfitted with a stovetop or an electric top, it only makes sense to have cooking equipment available. As a basic rule, your kitchen should have at least one of each: a frying pan, a large pot for pasta, and a small pot. Try to have matching sets. You should maintain your pots and pans well. Never let your guests see or use pots and pans that are not up to par.

Kitchen Towels

You wouldn’t need too many of these, but it’s important to have them in your kitchen. If you prefer to use paper towels, that can work as well. Cloth kitchen towels will probably be more affordable for you in the long run because you can simply wash them as needed.

Draining Boards

These will allow your guest to do some maintenance on their part, such as washing and drying small pieces of kitchen equipment. Having a draining board will help your guests keep their rentals tidy during their stay.

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