Best Mattresses Reviewed For Your Airbnb Success

The bed can easily make or break an Airbnb stay. It wouldn’t matter how nice a room is; if the mattress is not up to par, the entire bedroom fails. The quality of mattresses make a great difference to the quality of sleep, so it absolutely matters what kind of mattresses are used in Airbnbs. Most people can tell the difference between a good mattress and one that’s mediocre. If you’re looking to outfit your Airbnb with the best mattress you can get for the best value, we’ve listed some of the industry’s top choices that check the boxes for value, feel, durability, and overall quality. All of these mattresses are reviewed for a queen-sized bed.

Casper – The Casper Model

[amazon box=”B01M5JER7B”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Although it is relatively new in the market, the Casper brand has been climbing the ranks since it first came out in 2014. Casper only has 3 mattress models to date, and the best one they have is the one of the same name. The Casper model only has one firmness level, but it sits right at the medium level. With pricing just under $1000, you can’t go wrong with using this mattress for an Airbnb. The foam mattress offers a lot of support and pressure relief compared to other brands of the same value. It’ll even last you longer than average. This is probably the best quality bed-in-a-box mattress you can get in the market today.

Leesa – The Leesa Model

[amazon box=”B01M34CYTI”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]The Leesa foam mattress is another mattress that offers the best quality for the value. It offers decent motion isolation and great support. The company also offers a nice return policy just in case. Leesa is also a fairly new company, but it’s proven to be able to keep up with market trends. The only complaint that many people have about the Leesa model is that it has an unpleasant gassing odor that might take a while to disappear. Other than that, the Leesa is a decent option for budgets around $1k. Leesa is a fairly new company, but they have a good customer service department if ever you need to get more information about their mattresses before purchasing.

Ikea – Myrbacka Model

[amazon box=”B015WZ53KY”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This memory foam and latex mattress from Ikea sells at only around $500, and while it may do what well for the most part, expect to change this mattress more often compared to other brands. It should be fine considering that you’re putting in so little upfront. This mattress is not roll packed, so it’ll cost a bit more for delivery. The Myrbacka model is easy to clean and maintain, but it isn’t up to par with industry standards for size for luxury mattresses; it’s just a bit short on the height. This mattress will also experience some sinking depending on the weight put on the mattress. It has a max weight of 250 lbs.


[amazon box=”B019DRUTTC”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This mattress company only has one kind, and it’s really the only one it needs. The company boasts of a memory foam mattress that won’t cause you to feel stuck or overheated, despite its ability to contour to your body. The EVE mattress is built with medium firmness. Many users claim that there’s a little bit of sinkage at the edge of the bed, but it isn’t an immediate turnoff especially with the price point being at only around $500. It’s a lot cheaper in price than many other options, but it’s also more durable in comparison to cheaper quality mattresses.

Sealy – Conform Essentials Firm

[amazon box=”B0151KXAEQ”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Sealy is one of the most trusted mattress brands out there, and that’s for good reason. Their mattresses are known for great quality, but some of their mattresses are just too expensive to consider for an Airbnb. The Conform Essentials is a great option, selling at more or less $600. This mattress has a gel base form that gives a slight contour even with the firm mattress. Actually, this mattress is very firm, as some customers might find so. But the durability of this mattress will be good for any Airbnb businesses.

Hypnos Coral Plush

If you’re targeting the luxury clientele, there’s no better mattress than the Hypnos Coral Plush. This mattress uses an advanced spring coil that only exists in Hypnos mattresses. And when we say this mattress is plush, it doesn’t feel like anything else. It is cool to the skin and helps regulate body temperature while you sleep, and it’s made with all natural products including silk, cotton, and wool fibers. The Coral Plush sells for over $2k, but if you can charge your clients $500 a night, you’ll be making up your money in no time. You wouldn’t have to worry about durability either because this mattress is absolutely worth its price.

Tuft & Needle

[amazon box=”B00QBZ265U”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Tuft & Needle boasts the fact that they could probably sell their top-quality mattresses for over $3k but only sell for around $500. Their soft mattresses have enough reactive support to not let you sink in. It’s also highly convenient. It will work with any bed frames and bases. The company even offers full refunds and free old mattress removals. These are all great benefits. They even deliver the boxed mattress for free. With all of that, their mattresses are great to begin with. Tuft & Needle mattresses offer great pressure relief; they also have heat wicking graphite and cooling gel in the foams, and highly breathable covers. Tuft & Needle mattresses are comfort and luxury rolled into one.

Editor’s Choice

If we were to pick the best one out of this list, it would have to be Tuft & Needle. You just can’t go wrong with the price, and the money back guarantee is a deal closer. The company is known for being one of the best in the industry currently, and they make it really easy to shop for their mattress. Their proprietary materials are one-of-a-kind, something that you can’t get with other brands. Tuft & Needle mattresses are affordable enough for regular Airbnbs, but they’re luxurious enough for you to be able to say that your Airbnb can give a full luxury experience.