The Best Mattress and Pillow Protectors

You’ve checked all the boxes. You have the best mattress your budget can afford; you’ve got the pillows covered as well as the sheets, duvets, and even a couple of throw pillows for a little aesthetic. Your Airbnb bed finally looks ready, but why do you feel like something is still missing?

Chances are you’ve skipped an essential piece of the full bed makeup—something that will haunt you later on as an Airbnb host if you fail to address it. If you forgot about mattress and pillow protectors, you have a bit of a dilemma in your hands.

Many Airbnb hosts think they can bypass the part of mattress and pillow protectors, completely ignoring the fact that their name implies what important thing they do: they protect. Mattress and pillow protectors do as much for your bed, but at the same time, they also protect your guests from possible exposure to allergens and dust mites. From the perspective of hosting guests, you have to realize that having protectors on your mattress and pillows will significantly minimize your cleaning time and efforts, especially when your guests happen to have an accident or two. Having protectors on eliminates the need to have to clean or swap unclean mattresses and pillows; you can just remove the protectors to be washed, leaving your mattresses and pillows intact and spot-free.

Make sure you have enough mattress and pillow protectors on stock, so you’ll never get caught with unprotected pillows and mattresses in between washings.

Before You Buy

Of course you need to consider your budget. You might even need to readjust your budget if you didn’t consider protectors as necessary before. Now that you do, consider the following features when looking for the best mattress and pillow protectors.

  • Full encasement vs. top protection – There are two different types of protectors. Pillow protectors will always involve full encasement. Mattress protectors can either be full encasings or a simple top protective layer. Top layer protectors will mostly guard your mattress from liquids and stains and nothing more.
  • Waterproof – This is probably the single most useful feature for a mattress or pillow protectors. A waterproof protector will shield your mattress and pillows from any type of liquid or moisture. It will only prolong the lives of your products.
  • Allergy/dust mite protection – Most full encasements will automatically filter allergens and will serve as an extra layer of protection.
  • Bed bug protection – For a layer of security against bed bugs, protectors must be fully enclosed with no possible openings.

Best Pillow Protectors – Standard Sizes

1. Allersoft Pillow Protector – $11

[amazon box=”B002R0DR3I”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]The fully zipped enclosure with autolocking zippers guarantees that no bed bugs will make it into your pillows. These protectors are also breathable, which is difficult to find in allergen barriers. Made with 100% cotton, you can wash and dry these as often as needed without compromising its quality.

2. Everlasting Comfort Pillow Covers – $16

[amazon box=”B01M4OR62M”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Imagine all the bodily fluids that make it onto your guest pillows. You can eliminate build up by having these waterproof protectors you can easily take off and wash. The 100% cotton terry cloth material is soft to the touch and is lined with a breathable membrane as well.

3. SureGuard Pillow Protectors – $28

[amazon box=”B00MODVXBG”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Using a super fine zipper with invisi-zip techonology, this SureGuard protector will make your pillows completely bed bug proof and waterproof. The encasement also turns your down pillows into hypoallergenic pillows, a significant plus for the luxury touch. This protector is free from toxic chemicals and has a soft terry surface.

4. The Original Sleep Defense System – $12

[amazon box=”B005POLEEC”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Made with extra-soft polyester, this breathable pillow protector will keep your pillows as cool and possible while your guests sleep. The waterproof barrier and tight zipper lock also prevents bed bugs from infiltrating your Airbnb pillows. You can also ease any of your guests’ respiratory conditions with this allergen-blocking protector.

5. Home Fashion Designs Premium Allergy Pillow Protector – $20

[amazon box=”B071J45BWR”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Made with 400-thread count 100% cotton, you’ll get the ultimate comfort and security with this protector. You can extend the life of your pillows using these premium covers that protect your pillows from bed bugs, dust mites, pet dander, bacteria, and any other allergens you can think of.

Best Mattress Protectors – Queen Size

1. SafeRest Premium Mattress Protector – Vinyl Free – $27

[amazon box=”B003PWNH4Q”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]SafeRest is one of the leading brands when it comes to mattress protectors. This one has a fitted sheet design and will not change the way your mattress feels. Being that it’s waterproof and hypoallergenic, this protector will shield your mattress from the usual bodily fluids and various allergens.

2. Linenspa Zippered Encasement Mattress Protector – $25

[amazon box=”B00Z06F2OI”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This quiet polyester cover offers a waterproof barrier that keeps all six sides of your mattress protected. The full encasement is also a reliable defense against various allergens and even bed bugs.  The lightweight fabric of this Linenspa protector is soft and breathable, and it’ll never give your guests that unwanted plastic feel.

3. Utopia Bedding Bamboo Mattress Protector – $20

[amazon box=”B01E02DU6E”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This fitted-sheet style mattress protector uses ultra-tech polyester and viscose rayon that keeps your mattress cool and comfortable throughout the night. The bamboo blends makes this protector extra durable, so it can handle all the washings it might have to go through.

4. The Original Sleep Defense System – $32

[amazon box=”B006C6EWXW”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]If you want a fully protected mattress, this company has covered all their bases. The zippered cover will protect your Airbnb from pesky bed bugs. It’s also extra soft and breathable, so your guests will feel comfortable throughout a night’s sleep. Of course, the entire thing is waterproof, so never worry about spills or any other type of accidents ever again.

5. Linenspa 34” x 52” Non Skid Waterproof Sheet Protector – $16

[amazon box=”B015S12X82″  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This mattress protector is a non-skid sheet that only protects the top part of your mattress. The cotton blend quilt has layers of highly absorbent fill that gives a waterproof layer to protect your mattress. While it may not protect the entire mattress, this protector is certainly a good defense against fluids and accidents.


For pillow protectors, our favorite is the Everlasting Comfort pillow covers. For the price, you’ll be getting soft 100% cotton material that most people will want on their pillows to begin with. You can also count on complete protection and breathability, and for the price, it can’t be beat.

From the list of mattress protectors, our favorite is the Linenspa Zippered Encasement. We love the lightweight fabric that also offers all the bells and whistles—bed bug and allergen protection. The best part is that it’ll never feel like you’re sleeping on plastic. The waterproof barrier is exactly what you’ll need in your Airbnb, considering the amount of traffic your beds will be experiencing.