The 6 Best Duvet Covers for Airbnb Beds

As an Airbnb host, you should know exactly how your guest beds should look and feel like, right? Not exactly. Some of us can spend hours upon hours scouting Pinterest pages just to get ideas on how to get your beds together, but the truth is it’s easier seen onscreen than actually done. If you haven’t read the rest of our tutorials on how to make the best Airbnb beds, you should do so now. The quick guide on this page will help you decide which duvet covers you should be using on your Airbnb guest beds. And yes, you will need duvets or comforters. (Click here if you need help choosing one.)

Before you buy a duvet cover

One trick to keep in mind when looking for a duvet cover to buy for your Airbnb is to think about hotels. There wouldn’t be anything wrong with mirroring a few hotel techniques when it comes to duvet covers; hotels are the industry experts after all.

To start with, we suggest sticking to solid duvet colors—particularly white-colored duvet covers. In practical terms, white duvet covers are just much easier to clean. You can wash them with bleach to prepare them for your next guest, and you can even throw them in the wash along with other white linens and towels you might also need to clean. Since you should be washing your linens and beddings after every single guest, you will appreciate not having to separate your laundry loads according to color.

Next, you should opt for convenience when it comes to duvet covers. Get covers that are easy to use such as the open-bagged style duvet covers. Try to avoid duvet covers that use buttons or other types of tricky enclosures. While they may add a nice touch of detail, they prove to be more bothersome more than anything when you’re trying to set up beds as fast as you can. Buttons also tend to get lost or broken, and the best way to go about that is to not have them to deal with at all.

Lastly, consider the quality of your duvet cover. Your guests will be feeling this cover each time they lay on the beds, so opt for something that can offer a bit more. Higher thread counts and superior materials will be better altogether than the alternatives.

The best duvet covers for your guest beds

In no particular order, here are the 6 best duvet covers we’ve found. These range in sizes and prices to better accommodate for whatever your need or budget may be.

1. West Elm Organic Bright Matelasse Duvet Cover (Full/Queen) – $169

The textures on this duvet cover are so delicate; it adds a tranquil quality to the cover that can only translate onto the rest of your Airbnb room. This West Elm duvet cover is made out of high quality organic cotton. The difference can be felt once you’re completely enveloped in it. It’s extremely breathable, warm, inviting, and calming all at the same time. The smooth cotton percale backing gives this duvet cover just a touch of cool—enough to keep you temperate throughout a night’s sleep.

2. Beckham Hotel Collection Luxury Soft Brushed 1800 Series Microfiber Duvet Cover (King/California King) – $32

[amazon box=”B071CPFPLR”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]You might find it surprising to find a quality king-sized duvet cover for just over $30, but here it is. This Beckham Hotel Collection duvet cover is made out of super soft microfiber materials. Instead of button enclosures, this cover has a discreet zipper on the side and ties at the inner corners if you wish to secure your duvet or comforter inside. The solid white design of this cover is very classic and clean. If affordability is your goal, this duvet cover will be really difficult to beat at this price.

3. Colourful Snail Cotton Duvet Cover (Full/Queen) – $42

[amazon box=”B01N8QS4PN”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]There’s an airy quality to this duvet covers that’ll make your Airbnb guests feel like they want to float on the beds. The cotton feels nothing but soft to the touch, but it also has enough weight to it to make your guests feel like they’re being wrapped in smoothness. The basic design of the duvet cover makes it a universal choice that will look good in any Airbnb room. It can be ultra modern or it can be traditional; it’ll depend on the way you accessorize the rest of your Airbnb bedroom.

4. Crane & Canopy Valencia White Pintuck Cover (Twin) – $99

This white duvet cover is special in that it has stunning pintuck details all over it that will remind you of a Parisian afternoon in bed. This 400-thread count cotton cover will add a little bit of glam without being overbearing. Your guests will appreciate the look and feel of this cover, and they’ll guess how great of a deal you got it for. This duvet cover uses a zipper for ease of use.

5. Brooklinen Linen Duvet Cover (King) – $259

If you’re looking for versatility, this Brooklinen duvet cover is the way to go. It’ll keep your guests cozy and warm during the winter, and it’ll also keep your guests completely cool during the summer. You can expect even more out of these Belgian linens considering they’re made to last. These covers come in a white and cream color that adds just a little bit of character to them.

6. Pine Cone Hill Classic Ruffle White Duvet Cover (Twin) – $138

For a classic look with just a touch of personality, this Pine Cone Hill duvet cover gives the perfect balance between fun and function. This cover’s basic design coupled with the ruffled edge is only the accent to its already smooth 200-thread count makeup. Made with cotton, your guests can only appreciate how good this duvet cover will feel.

Editor’s Choice

When taking price and purpose into consideration, we choose Colourful Snail’s Duvet Cover is our favorite. You’re getting quality with cotton, and for just $42 for each full/queen-sized cover, you can’t possibly go wrong. You can even afford to stock at least two or three just in case you might need extras for those just-in-case moments. Treat your Airbnb guests to a little bit of comfort and style, and get this duvet cover for your duvets or comforters. The Colourful Snail duvet cover will complement your Airbnb like no other and complement your budget like you’ll never believe.