Top 10 Bed Sheets for the Perfect Airbnb Bed

For a guest, an Airbnb stay can either be a hit or miss. Rarely is there an in between when it comes to a stay. Airbnb apartments are either good or not—not enough or not at all. For an Airbnb host, it takes a lot of planning and effort to pull off an apartment that’s worth the four or five-star review, and that takes a lot of attention to the smallest details that guests pay attention to, believe it or not. One of these particular details that play an important role in Airbnbs, especially in the bedroom, is the bed sheet being used.

Flat sheets vs. fitted sheets

There are two main types of sheets you can use on beds: flat sheets or fitted sheets. You can certainly use whichever type of sheets you prefer, and each type has its own benefits. Fitted sheets use elastics to stay put on mattresses; however, it’s difficult to find a fitted sheet that will fit mattresses perfectly. Even then, fitted sheets tend to take longer to put on and take off a mattress. They also have a higher tendency to shift and bunch up while a guest sleeps.

On the other hand, flat sheets have been time-tested and industry-tested to work well in a hotel setting. Most hotels completely bypass the fitted sheets and opt for two layers of flat sheets on top of each other instead. The sides are left loose while the bottom ends are tucked in hospital-style for a completely clean look. Flat sheets are much easier to put on, smooth out, or take off this way.

Regardless of which type you end up using for your Airbnb beds or if you end up using both flat and fitted sheets on your guest beds, just make sure that the quality of the sheets are high. This simply means a higher thread count and better materials altogether. As with everything else on an Airbnb bed, we also recommend you get white sheets for the sake of uniformity and simplicity.

The best sheets for Airbnb beds (Queen size)

1. Utopia Bedding Flat Sheet – $39

[amazon box=”B00XK9CU6K”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This pack comes with 6 microfiber flat sheets that are velvety soft and breathable. These are designed to be iron-easy and also stain-resistant. While stain-resistance is a great quality, this also means that you can’t bleach this microfiber product. That might become an issue when it comes to laundry day. This Utopia flat sheet has a 4-inch hem detail for a touch of elegance.

2. Bare Home Fitted Bottom Sheet – $15

[amazon box=”B019J3R8EO”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]With deep pockets and full elasticity, this Bare Home fitted sheet is guaranteed to fit into any mattress. It’s made with brushed microfiber, so it has softness that’s highly comparable to Egyptian cotton. This fitted sheet also has other benefits that will be useful for Airbnbs; they’re dust mite repellent, wrinkle resistant, hypoallergenic, and even environmentally friendly.

3. Premium Hotel Flat Sheets – $60

[amazon box=”B01G2LTKLK”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Classic and elegant, these flat sheets give off the luxury that guests look for in Airbnb beds. They’re breathable, hypoallergenic, and very easy to clean. Made with 100% microfiber linen, it’s more durable than 100% cotton. You can guarantee your guests a comfortable night’s sleep with these Premium Hotel sheets.

4. Utopia Bedding Fitted Sheet – $14

[amazon box=”B00XK9CO16″  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Brushed microfiber, all-around elastic, and deep pockets—this fitted sheet checks off all the basic boxes, but it has more. This Utopia Bedding sheet is fade and stain resistant, so you won’t have to worry so much about the product’s longevity. This particular sheet can fit oversized mattresses up to 15 inches deep.

5. Mellani Flat Sheet – $13

[amazon box=”B01ETTEEWW”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]If you want to give your guests a silky soft and luxurious experience, the Mellani flat sheet is the way to go. Made with brushed microfiber that’s more durable than cotton, these flat sheets are resistant to fading, shrinking, stains, and wrinkles. They’re also resistant to dust mites, which means that they’re hypoallergenic. With these sheets, you’ll have a bed that feels and looks luxurious.

6. California Design Den Fitted Sheet – $25

[amazon box=”B0758BQLCG”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]Made with 400-thread-count 100% cotton, these fitted sheets are tested for comfort and safety. You won’t have to worry about pilling or shrinking when washing these sheets regularly. They’re also made with a softy sateen weave for more breathability.

7. Southshore Fine Linens Oversized Flat sheets – $18

[amazon box=”B01NCWI832″  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]If you’re looking for an oversized variety, this Southshore flat sheet is the best option. It’s made with durable brushed microfiber that will not fade or shrink after washing. They’ll give your guests extra softness and extra comfort, and they’ll give you ease when it comes to cleaning.

8. Mellani Fitted Sheet – $16

[amazon box=”B01ES3L33W”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]For a brand that’s known for its quality, Mellani will surely give you what you’re looking for in a fitted sheet. The elastic all around the sheet will make sure it fits your mattresses better, and this particular sheet will fit mattresses up to 16 inches deep. The Mellani sheet is easy to take care of and will last longer than most sheets because of its high quality brushed microfiber material.

9. Rajlinen Flat Sheet Set – $40

[amazon box=”B078GQL2YM”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]This sheet set comes with other pieces, and it can help if all your bed linens match. But considering the flat sheet alone, no other sheets can compare when it comes to feel. Made with 100% 800-thread-count Egyptian cotton, this Rajlinen sheet will give your Airbnb guests comfort and give you durability like no other.

10. Lullabi Bedding Fitted Bed Sheet – $12

[amazon box=”B01J4OP6GK”  template=”widget-vertical-fixed”]The one thing anyone can say about this Lullabi product is that it’s ultra soft. It’ll immediately give your guests a feel of luxury as soon as they touch these sheets. The 100% microfiber is not only breathable; it’s also resistant to stains and wrinkles. In addition to durability, these sheets will fit mattresses that are up to 17 inches deep.

Editor’s Choice

When it comes to bed sheets, we believe that the Mellani flat sheet is your best option. It’s affordable and durable, and it’s guaranteed to provide you with whatever you might need to give your guests the best Airbnb experience possible. These sheets will also make your life as an Airbnb host much easier. With the Mellani flat sheets, you’ll have one less thing to worry about in your Airbnb. Purchase a few of these to have in stock, and your Airbnb apartment should be set for a long while.