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The bedroom should be a place of repose; it should be the place where your guests can recharge and replenish for their next day. Setting up a bedroom that your guests just want to crash into is the ultimate goal. You’ll want the bed to be attractive and inviting. You’ll want the overall feel of the room to be deluxe and calming. In order to achieve an atmosphere of sleep, you’ll want all the pieces in the room to contribute to the same goal of tranquility and luxury. 


 You’ll be accommodating to a wide range of sleepers, so it’s smart to stay in the middle when purchasing a mattress for your Airbnb. It’s very important to purchase only high quality mattresses. Not only will they last you longer, they’ll also provide your guests with unparalleled sleep. There are plenty of mattresses that can provide you with quality and results without breaking your bank. 


The most important thing you can consider about pillows is the type. Everyone will have their own pillow preferences, and the more you can accommodate to these preferences, the better off you’ll be. This means that you have to have at least two different types of pillows on each bed: a soft pillow and a firm one. Also, take into consideration that some people might have allergies to down pillows. Down is the equivalent of pillow luxury, so if your guests can’t have down, you must give them a luxury alternative. 

Mattress and Pillow Protectors

Never underestimate how useful protectors can be for the bedroom. Mattress and pillow protectors simply extend the longevity of your mattress and pillow products. With protectors, you can save your bed from accidents that will surely happen at some point. Remember that there will be times when you’ll have to wash your mattress and pillow protectors. It’ll help to have a few spares, so your bed will always be outfitted with these. You’ll appreciate what protectors can do for you in the long run. You don’t have to tell your guests that they’re on there, but we’re sure they’ll appreciate it regardless, even if it’s for their own hygienic reasons. 


Much like pillows, have filling alternatives for duvets and comforters. It’s a plus for your Airbnb when you can offer your guests down fillers or man-made fibers. This will help deal with any guest allergies as well. 

Duvet/Comforter Covers

When it comes to duvet or comforter covers, take a page from the hotel industry book and use white open bagged sheets. You’ll want to keep most of your beddings white for laundering purposes. Having open bagged sheets will not only save you time and energy when making beds, they’ll also eliminate the hassle of having to deal with buttons completely. 

Fitted Sheets/Flat Sheets

When outfitting an Airbnb bed, many hosts prefer to use flat white sheets because they’re just a lot easier to deal with than fitted sheets. Flat sheets are easier to iron and put on the bed. 

Other Bed Accessories

The ones mentioned above are absolute essentials for the perfect Airbnb bed, but it shouldn’t be a limit on what you can put on your guests’ bed. You can always add other touches for whatever reason you might want to. Nothing should stop you if you wanted to throw in a cushion or two, and throws always add a nice warm touch to a bed.  

Other Bedroom Accessories

Some other essentials in an Airbnb bedroom may include side lamps, clothes hangers, and a few others. These simply afford your guests the ability to do what they might normally do at home—read before bed, hang up clothes, et cetera. With extra bedroom accessories, you can easily make their stay feel as close to home as possible. 

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