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Preparing a bathroom for guests isn’t as daunting as it may sound. Keep in mind, though, that bathrooms provide a space for basic human needs. Surely you can easily find a place to lay your head on, but finding a decent bathroom to use is much harder. Providing a space that’s comfortable and utilitarian should be your goal when putting together your Airbnb bathroom. Here are the essentials you should have in any of your rental’s bathrooms. 

Hair Dryer

Even though they might not get used, hair dryers are rental staples. It’s the extra touch that goes a long way when available to guests but will severely dampen your ratings if you don’t have it available for use. Invest in a quality hair dryer that will dry hair faster and be more durable altogether.

Shower Curtains

If you’re outfitting the shower, choose shower curtains that have a more classic and elegant feel to them. Your shower should have two curtains: the liner and the outer curtain. When choosing a liner, make sure to invest in one that’s made with heavier and better material. There are liners that are mildew-resistant; these will require less changing. On the other side, the outer shower curtains should always look clean. A good way to achieve this is by purchasing white shower curtains that are free of excessive designs or any bold patterns. Stick to the basics, and your curtains will go a long way.


When it comes to towels, quality and quantity both go hand in hand. If you truly want to provide the best bathroom experience for your Airbnb guests, provide them with high quality towels and provide them with more than one. There’s nothing like having fresh towels each time you shower up, and having more than one to use is a plus. Don’t forget to add in hand towels that either look the same or have the same patterns as your towels. Uniformity is key in this aspect, and the best way to get it is by having all white towels that have the simplest designs. If you wish to add in flannels, you may; but it isn’t a necessity for many people. It might be smart to have a few handy just in case a guest does ask for one.

Shower Gel, Soap, Conditioner, Hand Wash

There are a few ways you can approach these essentials, but first, it’s important to say that you need to provide your guests with good quality washing products. There’s a lot of freedom in choosing for your guests, but try to stay away from products that have strong smells. That said, be mindful of how you present these products to your guests. Try to avoid using single use items, as it leads to a huge amount of waste. Avoid using 250ml bottles that look completely used and unprofessional when half empty. Our suggestion is to purchase refillable pumps from the brand you’re using or even a generic yet sleek pumps that you can refill as you go. You can then purchase larger product sizes and save a good amount of money.

Toilet Paper

Some of the most reviewed items when it comes to bathrooms are toilet paper rolls. The cheaper the rolls, the worse your reviews will be. Put in a little bit more into this expense, and your guests will appreciate the thought. They might even write a nice review about how nice the loo roll is.

Toilet Scrubber

Obviously, this isn’t something that you’d place in the bathroom while your guests are there, but it’s certainly an essential item for keeping your bathrooms clean. Don’t rely on products that claim to clean the toilet by just soaking. Scrub, scrub away.

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