Premium Airbnb Welcome Guide

If your new to Airbnb hosting or an Expert host having a Welcome Guide is essential. This will help you free up time on sending messages to guests multiple times and reduce repetitive messages. Here at Hosts and Homes we offer a basic welcome book template for free. However, if you want to charge premium prices for our property, you need more than just a welcome letter. We suggest using one of our premium welcome guide templates. Our premium welcome guides have been tried and tested and contain everything you need as a host. They have been developed in Canva, a free to use to online graphic design tool.

Do I need to pay to use Canva?

All our templates have been designed with the free version of Canva in mind. The free version is often good enough for a majority of Airbnb hosts as it contains a vast library of stock images and icons

What does our welcome guide contain?

Our welcome guide is packed full of information, where possible we use as many international symbols as possible. Depending on where you’re Short Term Rental is based, English might not be your guests first language. Therefore the symbols will help get them right information especially in an emergency as quickly as possible.

Our guide has the following information:

  • Welcome Message
  • About your home page
  • Check-in procedure information
  • House Rules (No Smoking, No Parties, No Pets, No Shoes etc…)
  • Emergency Information (Doctors, Hospitals Police etc…)
  • Getting around information (Parking, Trains, Buses etc..)
  • WiFi Information
  • Security & Doors Template – on leaving your property secure
  • Templates on using the equipment in the rental
  • Eating & Drinking Guides Templates
  • Things to do template
  • Supermarket Maps
  • Check out Information + posters
  • Posters for No Smoking, WiFi

If that wasn’t even each of our guides come with free bonus information if help you become an even better host.

What do our welcome guides look like?

This is our ultimate welcome guide, containing all the essentials any host would need, including one-page posters, full welcome guides, house rules posters, and a cleaning service contract.

Can i try before buy?

We don’t have a full template that you can try however, for you to see how easy it is to use Canva and our template, try our demo here.

Where can I buy this template?

You can purchase this directly on Etsy, we use Etsy so you can purchase with confidence and it’s and instant download.

Why did we use Canva for our welcome guide?

Canva is simple for even novices to use, everything is drag and drop. We designed our templates so they are simple to modify and they offer a professional look for each and every person that uses them.

Do you have 10 minutes? You can get a quick tutorial on using Canva