Who can host on Airbnb?

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Johann Gaillard asked 5 years ago

Who is able to host their home for rent on Airbnb? I have a carvan that I would like to rent out and i’m approaching 70 next month.

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Alice Mitchell answered 5 years ago

Pretty much anyone is able to rent out their space as long as their area does not have any specific rules preventing it. Make sure you check local laws.

Sverre Mahmoud answered 5 years ago

Anyone can but if you are already renting that property yourself be sure to check with your landlord if this is allowed in your lease.



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Airbnb House Manual

Are you an Airbnb host that is trying to improve your guest's experience,  or are you just not getting those five stars? Here are Hosts & Homes we have you covered with our free Airbnb House Manual Template. We have hosted hundreds of guests over the years and we have placed our tips and trick into this quick and easy-to-use house manual.  It contains essential items on items in your home and its amenities, local recommendations and vital information like police, ambulances and doctors. Why our free Airbnb house manual is a must have:
  • It contains information that will improve your guest's experience; many times you can get bad reviews just because guests didn't realise how to use some of your home amenities
  • This welcome guide has the essential information in easy-to-understand sections with small graphics & symbols, so even if they don't understand your language, they can recognise the international symbols for a doctor or police for example.
  • You can use this welcome guide to help highlight property features and amenities.
  • Our house manual will help you reduce repeat questions and make your home truly passive income.
  • Our house template is ready to go, all you need is Word or a Google account and it will make a copy ready for you to directly edit!
  • This template is tried and tested, with hundreds of guests and we have refined it over the years.
  • Our template contains helpful little tips on what to put in each section.
  • Get an edge on your competitors; this will help you get those 5-star reviews and elevate your listing reputation on Airbnb or VRBO. A happy guest is more likely to write a raving review and thus help you increase those ever important bookings.
  • impress your guests with the knowledge of your local city or town, ensuring they get the most out of their stay.
  • most important of all is letting guests know the WiFi password instantly.
Don't spend hours attempting to create your own use ours free of charge, and you're Airbnb hosting experience will be elevated to new heights.  Our template is quick and easy to use, all you need to do is add those personal touches, print it out and leave it for your next Airbnb guests. Free Airbnb Guide If you want something a little more colourful visit our Etsy shop, purchase one of our premium guides and instantly download this ready for quick and easy editing inside of free-to-use Canva. Our premium templates are designed in both US letter size and A4. Premium Airbnb Templates Try a demo of our Premium templates         
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happy new year greeting card

Airbnb Reveals is Most Wishlisted Homes for Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, Airbnb has revealed its most wishlisted properties worldwide, showcasing simple and minimalistic living for both hosts and guests. Bookings for these properties occur months in advance, so if you're planning to stay, be sure to get organized and prepare for the release dates of these stunning homes. Here are 10 of the top wishlisted Earth Homes on Airbnb, some of this home illustrate that sustainable living is not only achievable but potentially more attainable than one might imagine.
  1. Unique Dome Glamping by Natural Pool & Beaches (San Isidro, Costa Rica) 
  2. Wee Nook – a Hobbit Hole (McEwen, TN, United States)
  3. 1 bdrm/den/bath within a peaceful earthship oasis! (Tres Piedras, NM, United States)
  4. Eco Dome on the Mountain (El Oro de Hidalgo, Mexico)
  5. Earth Shelter/Cave Home with Pool & Rooftop Garden (Murbad, Maharashtra, India)
  6. Aldea Read Tapalpa (Tapalpa, Jalisco, Mexico)
  7. Eco Cob Hobbit House on Off-Grid Permaculture Farm (Șardu, Romania)
  8. Hobbit Style Underground Cabin (Somerville, TX, United States)
  9. Casa de Los Hobbits (Barichara, Colombia)
  10. Casa Ozu – Mushroom Site (Vale das Colinas, Brazil)
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The Party’s Over!

Airbnb parties are a thing of the past. As a result, parties and other gatherings are no longer permitted in any of the properties listed on Airbnb. When bars and clubs were forced to close or restrict entry owing to the pandemic of coronavirus, the accommodation-sharing company made the decision to temporarily prohibit partying behaviour in rental residences after July 2020. Guest accounts may be suspended or terminated if they violate the party restriction, according to Airbnb, which warned of "severe penalties" for violators. According to the firm, there have been 44% fewer reports of parties at listed residences than there were a year earlier. Last year, the accounts of around 6,600 people were suspended for "attempting to breach our party ban.". A capacity restriction on select rentals will be lifted as part of Airbnb's new stance that owners want to remove the 16-person cap. With the removal of Airbnb's "event-friendly search filter," parties and gatherings previously authorised but not publicly reported will no longer be searchable.
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Scotland to introduce licensing for Airbnb

According to legislation now before the Scottish Parliament, councils would be granted the authority to guarantee that short-term rentals are safe and suit the requirements of their local communities. The legislation was developed in response to the concerns expressed by residents across Scotland Each short term let will need get a licence for their rental, existing hosts and operators will have until  April 2023 to apply. By the beginning of July 2024, all short-term rentals in Scotland will be required to get a licence. Any new short-term lets after October 2022 will be required to obtain a license before being allowed to rent their property. Residents across Scotland expressed serious concerns about the impact of short-term rentals on their communities, including noise, antisocial behaviour, and the impact on the availability of housing in some areas. The end goal is to guarantee that the needs and concerns of communities are balanced against the objectives of the broader economic and tourist sectors.
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Extra Protection for Airbnb Hosts For Damages

To further safeguard Airbnb hosts, the company has introduced AirCover. Unlike Host Protection, which only insured the structure of the house, Airbnb's Host Protection package covered up to $1 million in damage and liability coverage, but hosts complained about the holes in the policy where certain damages were not covered. Pets have become more of a consideration for both hosts and visitors as Covid-19 has prompted many people to buy a pet now those new pet owners wish to take their pets on vacation. However, hosts are reluctant to allow pets into their homes due to smells, fur and damage and these were not covered under the previous hosts protection scheme. AirCover provides comprehensive coverage for the whole house and is now available to all hosts on the platform for no additional charge. Up to $1 million in damages and now $1 million in liability coverage, for co-hosts  Additionally, this covers coverage for income loss, damage from pets, and thorough cleaning. As per before you have  14-days to submit an application the programme promises speedier payments to hosts that make a claim, with expedited claims for Airbnb Superhosts.
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Airbnb enhances the accessibility search filters for guests

Airbnb has improved its search filters and accessibility review process to make it simpler for persons with impairments to discover lodgings on its marketplace. A specialist team of Airbnb agents will now examine photos that hosts upload show casing their homes' accessibility features, and will examine them to see if they're acceptable for persons with impairments. Airbnb's search criteria for accessibility features have also been modified. Filters like accessible parking spots and step free access to bedrooms and bathrooms will now be highlighted in the searchers results. Airbnb modified the filters to for broad entryways to include precise dimension, thus giving the searcher information to help them choose the right property for their needs. Airbnb research indicated that hosts were more likely to decline booking made by disabled visitors, and in 2018, the firm released an accessibility upgrade that included 21 criteria that allow guests to search for houses with wider doorways, accessible restrooms, and other features..
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