What to do with my AIrbnb in off peak times?

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Maurico Aves asked 2 weeks ago

I’m currently experiencing low booking during the winter months. Is there any advice that you can give me? My place is a small studio flat; so the guests get the entire property.

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Matthew Clarke answered 2 weeks ago

Hey Maurico, here are some tips that may help you with your Airbnb during the off season.

  • Highlight winter activities: Showcase what your area offers in the winter, like skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, festive markets, or cozy nights by the fireplace.
  • Offer winter-themed packages: Bundle your listing with winter-friendly amenities like hot chocolate, board games, or discounted lift tickets.
  • Target winter travelers: Use relevant keywords in your listing title and description, such as “ski getaway,” “winter wonderland,” or “cozy studio retreat.”
  • Winterize your photos: Take new photos that showcase your flat’s winter ambiance, including snowy views or festive decorations.
  • Address winter concerns: Acknowledge potential winter concerns in your description, like noise from snow removal or limited parking, and assure guests how you address them.