My guests would like to have an extra 2 people stay

Alan Lucas asked 1 year ago

My latest guests are due to arrive on the 12th December but they have an extra two people coming with them. This would make 6 in total, the house can sleep 8 people. (4 couples)
What should I do

1 Answers
Ian Bryce Staff answered 1 year ago

If you already have extra guests prices setup in the system, then you can refer the guest to this information and say that over 4 guests extra guests are charged at $10 (for example) –
Message the guests and let them know that extra guests are charged for, if they are happy to do this alter the number of guests in the booking and the system will automatically add the extra charges. 
However, if your standard cleaning fee has already priced in the cost for 6 guests, then I wouldn’t bother asking for the extra few dollars.