How Do You Handle Unwanted Guests?

Mikkel Pedersen asked 1 year ago

What should you do if your renter brings unpaid for guests with them? They mention 3 people but a forth is with them.

3 Answers
Chloe French Staff answered 1 year ago

When you are able to, have a face to face chat with your guest and inform them that if they continue bringing over people who they do not pay for they will need to pay the extra fees.

Addison Thompson answered 1 year ago

I would suggest first making sure that your guest is aware that they have only paid for a certain number of people as it is possible that this is just a misunderstanding.

Alice Mitchell answered 1 year ago

I always judge this guest-by-guest if their friendly and nice, i’ll let them have it for free. Otherwise i would mention that there is an extra charge for the forth person.