Do you need a license for Airbnb?

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Paul Skillet asked 9 months ago

I’ve been told that I might need a license to host on Airbnb. My property is in London and in a block of flats. May i have your insights, please?

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Ian Bryce Staff answered 8 months ago

It depends on what part of the world you are hosting your Airbnb. Example:

  • Los Angeles restricts hosts for short term lettings to 120-days and requires that you register with city council at a cost of approximately $89
  • Mallorca, Spain has banned all short term lettings in apartments, and a registration number is required for your listing.
  • Charleston, USA now accepts Airbnb but you need a nine-digit registration number on your listing.
  • Paris requires written approval from Landlords and a maximum of rental of 120-days
  • San Francisco requires a certificate called a Short-term Residential Rental Certificate. Rental is limited to 90-days
  • Barcelona, requires all Airbnb hosts to have a permit number on their listing that starts with HUTB. 
  • Span requires all Airbnb hosts to register their property until the ryokan law.

Other cities do have regulations that need to be followed. Example:

  • New York City doesn’t have licensing, however, they only allow entire apartments to be rented for a maximum of 30-days
  • London hosts are only allowed to legally rent out their apartments for a maximum of 90-days a year