Do you have to provide breakfast with Airbnb?

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Claire Huynh asked 4 years ago

When checking out my competition I saw that many of them provided breakfast. Do I have to provide breakfast for visitors? I’m not always going to be there and i’m not comfortable leaving this task to my cleaners. Any ideas what i should do about breakfast?

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Brain Bailie Staff answered 4 years ago

No, you do not need to provide breakfast for your guests. However, at a minimum, I would leave teas and coffees for your guests.

But if you want to compete with your nearly by competition, I would certainly then add breakfast if they all ofter this. As but not having breakfast available could send a prospective guest to your competition.

If it’s a problem for your cleaner to purchase breakfast, then buy this is bulk if you have the room and store it in a locked cupboard. Ask your cleaner then to replenish the missing items each time from your stock.

You’ll find that they will use more items than others. This way you don’t need to trust you cleaner to purchase the items.

Dean A. Blake Staff answered 4 years ago

Depends on location for me if you should provide it. If you live in a busy city with shops right outside, then it’s fine not to provide breakfast or snacks. If you’re in a remote location where its 10 mins to the nearest place to eat then 100% leave some bagels, jam and juice etc…  Also, if your guests are departing early before anything opens or they arrive very late, then I always leave little snacks. Even a bottle of wine 50% of the time they won’t touch the wine.

Alice Mitchell answered 4 years ago

Depends on a few factors:

  • Are you new to hosting? (if yes provide breakfast – to ensure those 5-star reviews)
  • Is your home expensive to rent? (if yes provide breakfast)
  • Are you fully booked? (if no, provide breakfast) 
  • Do you have lots of 4-star reviews? (if yes, provide breakfast)
  • Do you live near a cafe or coffee shop (if no, provide breakfast)
  • ]If you’ve tried to provide breakfast in the past and it’s always been left, then change up the breakfast that you are providing