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Maëly Lefevre asked 4 months ago

I’m new to Airbnb an got myself a rather bad review, but i didn’t think many of the complains were justified. Should I responds to the bad review?

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Johann Gaillard answered 5 years ago

Please! Don’t respond to the bad review, It’s not worth it, as it will just disappear under the fold once you get yourself enough reviews. Responding just draws your eye to the bad review.

Sara Robert answered 5 years ago

I disagree sightly in regards to replying, you can do this in a nice polite way making your seem like your did all in your power to rectify their problem.

Addison Thompson answered 5 years ago

Yes! Potential guests’ eyes are drawn to this for sure, the best thing to do is respond to ALL reviews, good or bad, this helps sow case how nice you are.

Alice Mitchell answered 5 years ago

Yeah don’t respond. If they look like are jackasses in the review and incoming guests can see that.

Abby Stephens answered 5 years ago

Don’t worry about it! it’s part of doing business, if there are legitimate comments fix them and move on, after your 50th review you’ll not longer care!