A Potential guest would like to check out the property before making a booking

Björn Hubert asked 1 year ago

We had a request for a guest to visit our place before that had made the booking. All of our photos describe the property pretty well. They would like to book for a month and will be working in the city. I said no to them how should I handle such an issue in the future?

2 Answers
Ian Bryce Staff answered 1 year ago

Any contact outside of the Airbnb platform is a violation of their Terms of Service.  It’s not advised to show people around without a booking. For us, as a company, this would be a security risk as they would now know which property is Airbnb’ed and when it might be empty.  100% of the time we say no!

Chloe French Staff answered 1 year ago

When guests request to view without a booking they often ask to book with you directly. It’s always tempting to take bookings outside the Airbnb system, however, remember you will not get Airbnb Host protection and if anything goes wrong you’ll have zero comeback.