Pro tips for renting your place on New Years Eve

While New Year’s Eve might be one of the most lucrative days to rent your place on Airbnb, it also has the high potential to turn into a full-on party. Here’s our guide on how to stay safe when renting your place on Airbnb over New Year’s Eve.

Thoroughly Vet Your Guests: Before you accept any guests, take extra care in reviewing their booking. Read their previous reviews and ask questions where necessary.

Are They Local: If they are based in the same town, our rule of thumb is just to say no. The likelihood that this will result in a party increases significantly, as there are few legitimate reasons to book an Airbnb in the same town if they are based there.

Check The Dates: Check the booking dates they have requested. If they have only opted for 1 or 2 nights, this is also another potential red flag. Avoid this situation by increasing your booking minimum to 4-5 days.

Set Clear House Rules: Ensure your house rules on parties in your property are clear and include policies on noise and additional guests. These rules should be mention in both your Airbnb House Manual and put this is your welcome message to the guests after they book.

Ask Your Neighbours: Your first line of defence can be your neighbours. Let them know you are renting out your place on Airbnb and ask them to report any disturbances directly to you.

In Person Checkin: Even f you have the ability to check your guests in remotely or via a lock box. On this one occasion preform and in person check to ensure the person who has booked is the person staying at your property.

If in Doubt: if you’re in doubt or your believe that your guests will hold a party, cancel the reservation, Airbnb will ask for supporting evidence, but you’ll be able to do this with zero consequences.

What to do if they do host a party

If your guests do host a party, the first thing to do is report this directly to Airbnb, as parties and gatherings are prohibited on the Airbnb platform. This includes disruptive gatherings, excessive noise, and additional visitors. You can contact Airbnb’s neighborhood support via the platform. If anyone is unsafe or you are concerned about someone else’s welfare, you should contact the local emergency services.

What Airbnb is doing to combat parties

Airbnb is using AI to help reduce the number of people trying to book properties for unauthorized New Year’s parties. Local guests making reservations must acknowledge their understanding of Airbnb’s prohibition on parties before finalizing their booking. Violation of this rule may result in suspension or removal from the platform.