Picking The Right Cleaning Service for your Vacation Rental

Cleaning house

In the goodness of mankind and your guests, it is not always possible, Some good, kindhearted and nice guests are as unclean as a muddy wet dog coming in from the rain and wiping its body on your clean carpet or furniture.

It can’t be helped but for you, it is a big problem. The reason it is a big problem for you is that your next guest’s lodging experience depends on how clean your rental space is when they arrive.

Finding the right cleaning crew can solve this dilemma and help you provide a great first impression and create a great experience for your new guests.

What to look for in a cleaning service

This is the key to finding a good cleaning service. Being able to clean is not enough as your new service needs to have character, integrity as well as staying on the legal side of the law. Here are vital characteristics to look for when shopping around for a new cleaning team.

#1. They are legal

This just doesn’t apply to their immigrant status and you can be fined or more if you employ illegals but it also applies to their work ethic and lodging habits. One host unknowingly had a cleaning service stay in her property when it was not rented.

Not only is this unethical it is illegal as well as creating higher utility bills. You need to know if you can trust the company that employs those cleaners and you need to know if they will add to your legal issues or not.

#2. Are they, professionals

There are ways to find this information out and you can start by checking the reviews that have been posted about their work. Then you can check out their website making sure it is informative and reputable.

What is their reputation? Word of mouth is a good source to find this out but always take the words of others with a grain of salt. People can alter their experience with the company for any number of reasons. So be careful when ready both positive and negative reviews or hearing stories about their work.

#3. Do they have the expertise

This is important as just about anyone can clean. The question is do they clean well or will they have trouble meeting the new Covid regulations different rental companies have implemented?

If they have the experience and a good professional reputation, they most likely have the expertise. But always test them out first to make sure they meet your expectations in timeliness and getting those hard to clean spots.

#4. Are they responsive

In other words, can they meet those unexpected cleaning issues a guest has brought to your attention or will they ignore your calls? Also, will they make your issues a priority when possible or put you at the bottom of the pile?

These are things you need to think about and ask the cleaning service how they handle those problems. if the answers are not satisfactory, move on to the next company on your cleaning list.

#5. Do they use a checklist

Airbnb homes are as unique to the people that visit them, with this in mind, when choosing your cleaning company, check if they use a cleaning checklist for each property. This helps ensure that cleaning is done the same way each time. If they don’t have a checklist, be sure to download our cleaning checklist to give to your next cleaning company.


What to watch out for

You may find a company that meets all the criteria listed in the previous section but there may be some issues they are not telling you about. Here are some things to watch out for:

#1. Hidden fees

Holiday charges, other fees you are not expecting to pay because of the uniqueness of the situation

#2. Strict contracts

Are you paying full price for substandard work or will you get a discount on costs? These are issues you need to look for in any contract you sign. Make sure everything is spelt out clearly before you sign.

#3. Rude service

this may crop up after you signed the contract and the employees come in contact with your guests. This can’t be tolerated by you or the company you hired to clean your rental properties.

#4. New Cleaning Guideline

Since COVID-19 Airbnb have introduced their Enchaced Cleaning Protocol that all host most comply with, ensure your chosen cleaning company adhere to this

Some final words

Finding good, honest workers or companies is becoming more difficult with each passing year. But with the right questions and research, you can still find them. If you need any help, just contact us and we will be glad to lend you a hand.


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