The city of Montreal is taking a new approach to alleviating what the city officials are terming as house crisis. The latest strategy by the city is directing its employees to remove lock boxes that store keys for tenants. Airbnb landlords often give their short term tenants a code so they can access an apartment on their own.

Other cities across Canada have cracked down on residents using Airbnb and other sharing platforms primarily aiming to thwart illegal Airbnb rentals. The Mayor of Montreal Valerie Plante reached out to the residents to ask them to help report the location of these lockboxes via the council hotline.  The city believes that the increase of these boxes in town is aimed to evade inspection. City Councilor Richard Ryan believes that due to the anonymous aspect of these boxes, it is hard to inspect short term rentals especially because these boxes are on public properties and not private properties.

This the campaign started the city authorities have removed hundreds of lock boxes in the downtown and in Plateau Mont-Royal areas. Owners of short-term rentals have now been looking at alternative means for entry and have removed the lockboxes themselves. Mayor Valerie and her administration continue to monitor the situation of all rental associated with Airbnb and other similar sharing platforms.