Make Your Vacation Rental Family Friendly

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Families that vacation together

Most often stick together or at least that is the ideal. In 2018 roughly 88 million Americans will go on some sort of family vacation. How that works for this Covid-19 era remains to be seen but being prepared is a smart move to make. More Americans will travel locally than ever before with many of the world borders closed.

There are little tricks and other things you can do to make your rental ready for that vacationing family. One of those tricks is to go the extra mile, even if you are not kid-friendly.

To find out about these tips, tricks, and other things you can do to boost your ranking and rental rate, just continue to read our article. it has the information to help you and your rental space be more family-friendly.

Attracting families also reduces the chances of them having a party or of them being anti-social guests, creating problems for you and your neighbours.

Tips & tricks to create a family-friendly rental

Not every tip or trick we mention here will be the same for all your guests, so be prepared to have a variety of different items that can be found under each category listed here

#1. Kid orientated entertainment

This is difficult as not every kid is the same age or has the same interests, including your big kid who drove you to your vacation spot. You can have a dedicated game room filled with different games, video games, computer games or simply have some good books on hand.

Or if your rental space doesn’t have the room, place them in the living room or a spare area. This will help the parents keep their kids from getting upset when it is raining out.

Think this through so you don’t lose any games, etc., either. You could have a list of local businesses like game or computer rooms, movie theaters, teenage hot spots, and other kid-friendly activities the parents can take their kids.

#2. Create more space

This can be done in a variety of ways and one simple way to add extra sleeping space is to add a bunk bed or two or even a day bed. having a crib on hand for young parents makes your rental property more attractive as well.

One word of warning for adult guests. Bunk beds are more for kids than adults. Find other sleeping options for adults. Trundle beds, sofa beds, or even folding cots with mattresses are good adult options.

Or add another room if possible to accommodate larger groups of people with large families.

#3. Provide extras

While this is a good idea, the main drawback to this kind gesture is that those smaller items may disappear when your guests leave. You have to figure out how to handle those options before you supply them.

But if you go ahead with this plan, you can supply different items that match your location. Beaches and water sports are easier to supply as you can provide towels, hats, toys, life jackets and even a canoe, etc. Anything related to the water is an option if you so desire to provide them.

For mountain or flat dryland areas, maps of good hiking trails, and waterfalls, etc. always come in handy.

#4. Emergencies happen

It is something you do not want to think about but accidents happen which require emergency care. There are things you can do here that will ease the mind of your guests and help their stay be more enjoyable as well as safe:

  1. provide emergency telephone numbers for local doctors, dentists, hospitals, and other health care options
  2. provide addresses for those same items and possibly a map to them so your guests do not get lost
  3. have the local police phone number and 911 clearly marked and positioned
  4. make a list of the closest stores or convenience stores where you guests can get first aid supplies
  5. have a first aid kit in your rental and keep it well stocked

All this information you should keep in your Home Welcoming Guide.

#5. Provide sightseeing help

Most of your guests may be strangers to the area. So giving them maps and directions to some of the best spots, even your favorite fishing hole, will help make your rental more family-friendly.

Also, recommendations for family-friendly restaurants, other than fast food and pizza, would help out. Or have directions to the bowling alley or other recreational spots that everyone can enjoy. You can create a welcome book with all of this and medical information included.

#6. Give a gift or two

Being generous helps make new friends and have the family enjoy their stay even more. A nice bottle of wine or baked goods for adults and toys like Frisbees, crayons and coloring books, etc., for kids.

Just make the gifts age-appropriate. Fresh baked goods for the whole family after a long day of traveling goes over well.

#7. Make it safe

Parents will often pick a property that is naturally child friendly if you can add a few little touches to help like providing blanking plugs for power sockets, childproof locks, baby gates, edge guards. All these items will only set you back a few dollars but will make a huge difference for parents with young children.


Do some brainstorming

These ideas are just to get you started. Do your own brainstorming to find some great ideas that will be appropriate for the location of your rental space. You do not want to leave a canoe if your property is in the middle of New York.

Plus, you do not want to leave crayons if the children are in their teenage years. Also, you do not have to go overboard in creating a family-friendly rental. A little gesture goes a long way with your guests.

But the welcome book is something you can do for free and provide all the important information your guests need. It is a vital addition to your rental space.

Some final words

Having a great, kind, and nice guests actually begin with you. If you make the extra effort, they will respond in kind unless they are like the Grinch or Scrooge. Taking the time to be considerate to your guests helps you in the long run through better ratings and reviews.

But do these things out of the goodness of your heart and without ulterior motives.


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