Planning for the Unexpected

As a host, it’s your job to be prepared for every possible scenario no matter how unlikely it may be. This can range from keeping everyday items in stock and having emergency items in reachable areas. To start, let’s look at some of the most common scenarios and how you can be ready.

Home Essentials

There’s a number of essential items that you should keep on-hand for your guests at all times. Toilet paper and paper towels are the most common items to have an abundance of, and the last thing you want is a desperate call from a guest who can’t find any. Leave numerous rolls of toilet paper in the bathroom, and have a large pack ready in a cabinet or closet at all times. Plan to go through at least one roll of toilet paper per bathroom a day, and ideally keep a spare pack of rolls available in the property at all times. The same goes for paper towels and napkins as well.

You also want to have antibacterial hand soap available in the kitchen and bathrooms. Buy a nice refillable dispenser, and then keep a few large bottles of soap in the closet. Make sure the dispensers are full when guests arrive, and always replenish once they leave. You can also leave a note about where the extra soap is should they need it.

Spare Keys

Whether you’re using a lockbox or personally handing over the keys yourself, you’ll want to have numerous extra keys on-hand should your guests lose them. If they call you late at night to bring a new one over, you want to be ready to respond immediately. Start making spares before you begin hosting, and keep them with you so you never have a guest locked out in the cold.

If you’re planning to be out of the city while a guest is in town, plan ahead on how you can safely deliver them a spare key. You may wish to install a digital lock, or you may provide a secondary lockbox as a back-up for emergencies. Depending on your neighbors, you could even leave a key with them, although this is a true last resort since you don’t want to bother them or have them affect your business. You can even leave an extra key with a family member or friend, but in the end, it’s your responsibility to ensure your guest is let in quickly at all costs even if you’re away.