Instant Booking

Instant Booking is a feature that allows guests to book immediately without contacting you or waiting for your approval. Some of the benefits include an increase in search result placement, more place in secondary search categories (such as for hosts with Instant Booking access,) and increased convenience. Plus, enabling Instant Booking allows you to cancel a reservation without a penalty fee or damage to your rating. While you should never cancel without a strong reason, this feature is there so that you don’t have to accept a potentially problematic guest or someone that you don’t feel comfortable with. Make sure you screen your guests earlier rather than later so you can avoid canceling at all costs. Only cancel if you truly feel uncomfortable with a guest; otherwise, you risk irreparable harm to your rating after one or more cancellations.



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Airbnb enhances the accessibility search filters for guests

Airbnb has improved its search filters and accessibility review process to make it simpler for persons with impairments to discover lodgings on its marketplace. A specialist team of Airbnb agents will now examine photos that hosts upload show casing their homes’ accessibility features, and will examine them to see if they’re acceptable for persons with impairments. Airbnb’s search criteria for accessibility features have also

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