How to be the Perfect Host

To be the perfect host, you’ll have to walk a tightrope of being there when needed while also staying out your guest’s hair. You want to be approachable so that they feel comfortable contacting you when necessary, but you also don’t want to smother them and make them feel uncomfortable. You’ll find that the balance gets easier once you host more guests, but this chapter will lay the foundation for you to become the best host possible!

A Welcome Package

When your guests arrive, leave a welcome package on their bed or table so they instantly feel comfortable in your place. This can include a local tourist map, small local candies, and a handwritten card with your contact information. Give them your cell phone number so they can contact you during an emergency, and also write down any local emergency numbers since they may not be familiar with your country’s system.

You can also write a small list of some great local attractions. Mention some cafes you enjoy and tell what they offer. Maybe talk about a local attraction, a beautiful park, or something off the beaten the path that an average tourist wouldn’t think about. They’re coming to your city to explore the landmarks, and nearly every guest would love to get a local’s recommendation!

Use our Airbnb Welcome Guide Template to save time and energy