Headlines for your description

Headlines and More Headlines

Aside from a few small paragraphs, you want your listing to be mostly composed of headlines and bullet points. Viewers will be scrolling very quickly through your listing, and they should be able to effortlessly find the section on bathrooms, bedrooms, and surrounding areas. Break the relevant sections up so that they can be found even on the smallest smartphone. If viewers open your page and instantly see a wall of text, they may feel overwhelmed and search for simpler listings instead.

Start your listing with something like:

2-Bedroom Central Apartment With Beautiful Views

This is the attention-grabbing headline. From there, you can have a small description in the provided area before getting into more bullet points. Detail each room on a separate line to give viewers quick access to the interior of your flat.

For example:

-Bedroom 1:

  • King-size bed
  • Full Closet
  • Garden view


  • Full bathtub
  • Two Sinks
  • Spacious cabinets
  • Hairdryer

Keep everything short and simple, and don’t be afraid of injecting some personality into your descriptions every now and then. Make it fun, make it exciting, but still opt for brevity in the end. As a final note, you should also mention whether there’s lift access in the house. If there are only stairs, make sure to let people know so that those with disabilities can plan accordingly.




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