Creating Your Listing

Your listing is one of the most important things to get right at the beginning of your journey. A solid listing will grab viewer’s attention and beg them to book it, while a poor listing will be lost in the sea of rentals. Take the time to read through each of the following tips and make the best listing possible so you can start with your best foot forward.

Attention-Grabbing Titles

Imagine you’re planning a vacation in a new town, and you head on Airbnb to check the top listings. The first three that pop up are titled:

-Deluxe Apartment

-One-bedroom home good area

-Cozy Downtown Flat for Two! Full Amenities w View!

The first title is the worst due to its lack of description. How many rooms does it have? Beyond being deluxe, what does it offer? The second listing is slightly better since it provides more detail, but it’s still lacking. Many listings say things like “Great Area!” but that says nothing to the average renter. Nobody ever lists their property as being in a bad area, so it’s worthwhile to find a better description.

You are allowed to use up to 50 characters in your title, and it’s crucial that you try to use them all. The third title works the best because it’s descriptive and makes use of exactly 50 characters. Sometimes titles may be shortened on the search results screen, so it’s important to put the strongest words at the beginning of the title so that they are seen immediately.

4-Tips for Writing a Catchy Airbnb Title 

  • Use all the 50 characters
  • Appeal to your audience (Family friendly etc..)
  • Avoid borning generic words
  • Highlight your best features

You Have One Second to Grab Your Viewer’s Attention

Most readers scroll very quickly through the search results, and you’ll have roughly one second to grab their attention. If titles are Queen, then pictures are King in the world of Airbnb. You want a professional, colorful, and eye-popping main listing photo that grabs readers by the hearts and begs them to read more. If your photo is dull, out of focus, or shows an empty room, the average viewer will already be on to the next page without having noticed your listing.

This is the photo that will appear in the general search result section of Airbnb, and you want it to showcase the best aspect of your home. Unless your property is in a historic castle, it’s better to have an interior photo since that’s where your guests will be spending most of their time. Leave photos of the exterior to the album in your listing, and choose a grand photo that showcases a bedroom, living room, or other essential feature inside.