Check In and Check Out Times

You’ll want to have a clear check-in and check-out schedule on your listing, and it’s important to tell your guests to call if they’re planning to be late. Even being 15 minutes late could mess up your schedule, and while you shouldn’t get angry at them, make it known that communication is key in these events. For checkouts, you’ll want to specify that late check-outs must be asked about directly and that they cannot be guaranteed.

It’s up to you to allow late checkouts, and you can take it on a case-by-case basis. The average check-in time is after 2pm/14:00 while the average check-out time is before 11am/11:00. You’ll need enough time to clean everything, get the keys, and ensure you’re ready for your next guests. Depending on whether you use a cleaning service or not, you’ll want to have a solid amount of time to have everything looking perfect before they arrive.




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The Party’s Over!

Airbnb parties are a thing of the past. As a result, parties and other gatherings are no longer permitted in any of the properties listed

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Airbnb enhances the accessibility search filters for guests

Airbnb has improved its search filters and accessibility review process to make it simpler for persons with impairments to discover lodgings on its marketplace. A specialist team of Airbnb agents will now examine photos that hosts upload show casing their homes’ accessibility features, and will examine them to see if they’re acceptable for persons with impairments. Airbnb’s search criteria for accessibility features have also

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