Becoming a Superhost

What does Airbnb Superhost status mean?

It’s a prestigious recognition for hosts who meet stringent criteria, serving as a badge of honor differentiating top-performing hosts from others. Achieving Superhost status involves meeting strict requirements, and once attained, hosts receive a visual Superhost badge as a symbol of trust and credibility.

How to be a Superhost

If you fulfil certain requirements from Airbnb, you can get a Superhost badge displayed on your profile. This helps to increase your ranking and trust amongst the community, and it shows that you’re serious about providing a great experience to guests. To become a Superhost, you need to:

  • Complete 10 trips in one calendar year
  • Have 80% of your reviews at a 5-star level
  • Have a 90% response rate
  • <1% cancellation rate of bookings.

These requirements are evaluated every 3 months. If you fulfil these requirements, you can contact Airbnb’s help desk to ask for certification. Once certified, they will place the badge on your profile and you’ll gain other perks like priority customer support, access to exclusive promotions, plus a travel coupon valued at $100 after one year as a Superhost.