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How to Improve Your Vacation Rental Listing on Airbnb.

Anything your competitor does. You can do better. What that means is that no matter how good your competitor’s Airbnb listing is, there is always room for improvement. The trick is finding those spots where you can improve your listing, make it better and more attractive to potential guests.

To find out how to do just that, continue to read our article. it is filled with some of the tips you need to know about in order to improve your Airbnb listing.

Do the obvious

There are issues that stick out when you create your new Airbnb rental listing and they are talked about enough all over the internet that they only warrant a brief passing mention here.

  1. respond to your potential guests’ inquiries- you need to do this in a timely manner and a good rule of thumb is not to let 24 hours pass before responding
  2. take great photos- enough can’t be said about this topic. Lousy photos will drive your potential guests to your competitors
  3. write good descriptions- the better and more concise the description the more interest you will arouse

Make your property available

This is important as no one will be able to rent your property if it is not available for rent. There are aspects you need to focus on to make sure your property is ready to rent when potential guests need it:

  1. post a schedule of dates- this lets the potential renters see when they can rent your property
  2. clean the property- this too has to be done in a timely manner. The longer you take to clean your property the less time it is available for rent. There are exceptions to this like when you were fooled and a bunch of party people damaged the place
  3. cut your use of it down- it is your property and you want to use it but pick those times where it won’t interfere with your earning extra money

Watch your restrictions

Rules are good and they help guide renter behaviour but one rule needs to be flexible and adaptable. That is your minimum stay rule. When you are just getting started and known in AirBnB renting don’t impose a minimum stay period. You will lose many renters and a ton of money if you do. You can always add a restriction later on when your rental property becomes popular.

Go for the Airbnb Superhost badge

This not only lets potential renters see that you are qualified hosts and professional, but it also helps boost your listing rankings. Here are the areas you need to focus on and the stats to maintain:

  1. have 10 completed bookings
  2. maintain a 50% review rate or higher
  3. have a good response rate, e.g. 90% or higher
  4. do not have any cancellations
  5. keep a 4.7 overall rating

On that note, another tip for you to improve your vacation rental listing is:

Don’t break Airbnb rules

Keeping yourself updated on Airbnb’s regulations helps keep your rental promises and descriptions up to date and true. These regulations help you rent your property the way you advertise it.

Also, make sure your rentals and the way you rent meet your locations’ laws. Cities have rules about renting so make sure you are up to date on those as well. You do not want to cancel because you ignored or did not know about those pesky little details.

Ask for reviews

Word of mouth advertising is one of, if not the best way to get more business. The better the reviews, the more likely you will see potential renter inquiries turning into paying guests. Reviews are your proof that you rent the way you advertise.

But bad reviews are not always bad. How you respond to those negative comments will help book more renters or drive them to your competitor.

Be trustworthy

What that means is that you should avoid cancelling a confirmed reservation at all costs. Once you cancel, you will get negative reviews and those reviews are hard to rebound from. Plus, potential guests will not trust you at all and that will be hard for your business to take.

Use the right keywords

The key to getting traffic to view your Airbnb rental properties is to practice good SEO habits. One of the most vital habits you need to practice is the proper use of keywords. Do some good research for the right keywords and do not forget to find some that relate to the pandemic.

Broaden your options

There is a fear that if you do not personally greet your guests, you are going to get negative reviews. But not everyone wants to be greeted by their hosts. They may be tired and just want to check-in. To help make your rental more attractive by engaging the self-check-in option. That allows your guests to get inside quick and rest up before meeting you.

Don’t forget off-season renters

Not everyone enjoys being in a crowd and they avoid peak season as much as possible. Having your place ready for off-peak vacationers is one way to make your rental property better. Right now this is a good trend to take advantage of.

Target domestic travellers

You may enjoy meeting people from around the world. The different cultural practices are always interesting and fun to learn about. But, there are also a lot of interesting travellers who live in your own country. Don’t exclude them from renting your home.

This may mean adding your native language to your AirBnB site so your fellow citizens can use your property when they have holiday time coming.

Some final words

Sometimes, all you need to do to improve your vacation rental listing on Airbnb is to use a little common sense. The task is not difficult to work on. Just be honest with yourselves and your site and maybe those photos could be improved slightly.

Make a checklist so you do not forget any detail and see what can be done to make your site better.



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