How To Get More Reviews

As a host, you probably know Airbnb reviews are the cornerstone of the ecosystem. So its hugely important that your guests continue to leave you reviews. You may find that guests who stay with you don’t leave any reviews, and this may damage your Airbnb search rankings or negatively affect your superhost status.

Reasons guests don’t leave reviews:-

– They simply forgot
– They don’t realise that they only have 14-days to complete a reviews
– They want to give the property a bad review but the like you
– No internet connectivity.

How to help reduce the number of null reviews

1) Immediately after the guests have stayed with you leave them a review. After which the Airbnb system will then notify the guests that you’ve left them a review, and if they want to see your review they will need to leave one of their own.

What guests see as soon as you write a review for them

2) After 7-days of not having a review, message the guests with this template below

Dear {guest},

Thank you so much for staying with us. We would really appreciate if you could leave us a review as it will help other travellers to make their decisions on staying with us and in the neighbourhood.

We hope that you are able to give us 5-stars, if it’s anything less we would love to hear your feedback. Message us here as we would love your feedback on how we can improve.

In the meantime have a fabulous day and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

All the best, {your name}


What if I get a bad review?

It’s highly possible that you may get a low score review but sometimes you have to take the rough with the smooth and deal with them as they come. It may be out of your control which what happened, however, this is your opportunity to grow as a host. Read it carefully, fix it, learn from it. Read our tips on dealing with bad reviews.

Will this help me become a superhost?

If you’re overall a good host then reaching out to your guests will help you get to that superhost staus a little quicker. If important also to keep your number of reviews up, if you have less than 50% trips reviewed then you are in danger of not making the super host criteria. You can see you review status by visiting the Airbnb progress page.