How to Get an Airbnb Discount

As hosts, we also use Airbnb a lot for personal and work travel. Like anyone else we are also looking for ways, we can save on our vacation and how we can get and discount on Airbnb. Below are some of our top-secret tips on how you can save on travel with Airbnb.

First-time users of Airbnb can use a voucher code

By far the simplest way to save on Airbnb is to use a voucher code. Our voucher codes can save your up to $60 on your first trip. The voucher code is directly added to your account when your book you register and book your first trip.

Airbnb Voucher

Book Early

Airbnb help entice hosts by asking them to give early bird offer, if you book 30-days in advance you can some find hosts that will give you a discount. This is automatically applied and you’ll see this upfront. Easy!

Book A Longer Stay

This may seem to be counter-intuitive but bear with us. An automatic option for most hosts is to give discounts for a stay longer than 7-days. If your vacation is only for 6-days consider extending this to 7-days and the automatic discount will be automatically applied.  Check the example below. 6-Nights at the cost of $253.33 a night. But the host has automatically applied a 21% discount of £386.40 for 7-nights, making it worth your while to book for longer, even if you’re not going to use the extra night. After you have booked and checked in etc… let you hosts know that you may be leaving a day soon than expected. Simple!

Book early and for month-long stays

It’s possible to obtain even larger discounts if you book early and for month-long stays. Even if you’re only wishing to book for 24-nights, it may advantageous to book for even longer, normally this is 30-nights. In the example below we book for 24-nights, we get the early bird discount and long stay discount. However, if we extend the number of days to 30 days, the total say of our trip is cheaper by $100! Bingo








Book Last Minute

Just like hotels no hosts wants an empty apartment. Empty apartments don’t early any money! If you book last minute it’s highly like the host has reduced the price to the minimum that they are willing to accept.

Avoid Busy Dates

If you pick certain dates, just like hotels, hosts can raise prices to maximize profits. Select less busy dates and you’re likely to get cheaper flights and accommodation. If you look at the example below the cost per each night has increased by over $100.





Look for New Hosts

New hosts on Airbnb will often have their prices slightly cheaper than established hosts as they need to attract guests to get their reviews up. This can be hit and miss as they might not know some of the things make it a five-star stay. But no risk no reward!

Asking the host for a discount

We often give discounts to guests by sending them a special price. However, this all depends on how you ask. If the first thing you ask for is a discount or special price. We would 99% of the time decline your request, even though it was in our power to grant this. If on the other hand, we gained some rapport with the new guests, then we likely gave a discount. On some hosts it might work if you ask upfront, other it might just alienate them, use this method with care. Hosts can send you this discount via a feature called Special Offer.