How To Choose The Perfect High-End Apartment

When renting for a month or longer, a high-end property can turn a great stay into an unforgettable one. High-end properties are becoming more popular every year in top cities like London, New York, and beyond. This guide will show you exactly what to look for when searching for luxury rentals in your desired area. With these top tips, you’ll be able to indulge in the experience of a lifetime today!

Finding Your Version of Luxury

Luxury means something different to everyone, and before renting, it’s important to think about what luxury means to you. When you imagine yourself staying in a luxurious London property, are you thinking of a historic Victorian home with a fireplace and scenic balcony, or are you thinking about a downtown penthouse with marble flooring? Luxury may mean cosy and warm, or it may mean a sparkling interior inside of an ultra-modern suite with elevator access. Take note of what comes to mind when you imagine luxury so you can instantly spot it when you find the perfect listing.

Some common things to consider include:

  • Views
  • Fireplaces
  • Balconies
  • Architecture (modern, classical, Victorian, Gothic)
  • Location
  • Pool, spa, or gym access
  • Surrounding area
  • Garage
  • Access to public transportation

You should also account for how many people you plan to live with during your stay. Larger parties may opt for a luxury loft with two or more levels plus multiple bathrooms. For couples, a two-bedroom apartment with a full kitchen will often provide more than enough space.

Choosing Between Cosmopolitan or Secluded Luxury

If your ideal vacation involves frequent shopping, visits to a spa, and exploring the best that a city has to offer, then you may wish to stay at a high-end property in or very near to the city center. A city like London has numerous offerings for those wishing to stay in the center of the action, and you can choose from modern penthouses with sweeping views to more classical offerings in historic buildings downtown.

When choosing a property within the city center, you want to gauge the neighborhood to see if it fits with your dream vacation. Look online at the nearby restaurants to see who they cater to and how long they stay open. Also check what the general nightlife or entertainment scene is and whether it’s right for you. An abundance of clubs and pubs may mean that the area is a bit more rowdy at night with a younger crowd, while nearby museums and galleries would show that it’s a more serene neighborhood.


You should also check how close you are to the metro system along with other forms of public transportation. While you can always rent a car, it’s important to know whether there’s a nearby bus stop or metro station if needed. If you plan to rent a car, find out whether you’ll have access to your own garage or parking space. You may also wish to avoid staying near major terminals or train stations since they are often busy and loud.


For those looking for more relaxation and tranquillity during their stay, there’s always the option for a more secluded form of luxury in the suburbs. In a suburban high-end property, you’ll generally have more private space and separation from your neighbors which can change your trip dramatically. While you may need a rental car to access the city center, the extra travel time is a small price to pay for the added benefits of your own home.

Make a List of Important Amenities

While all high-end properties will feature different layouts and perks, there are a few common amenities to take note of before booking. The items in this section are often featured in top luxury properties, but it’s important to double-check the listing before booking so you’re not surprised upon arrival. Decide which amenities are the most important to you, and rank them in order so you can narrow down your options before booking.

Most high-end rentals will feature a large bathtub or deluxe shower so you can pamper yourself during your stay. If you’re staying in a mansion or home, there may be a pool or hot-tub option as well. In luxury apartments, you may be given access to a community pool or gym. A luxury property will also come complete with high-end cutlery and glassware. You can expect to find fine silverware and other kitchen appliances so you can effortlessly host and prepare a meal. The dining room table will often be large enough for guests as well.

The Details

What really sets a luxury property apart from the rest is its attention to detail. Pay attention to the art and decorations found throughout the property. There may be a theme, color-scheme, plus other details that tie the whole place together. Each room should blend and flow into the next while still being distinct. This helps to create a unified property as opposed to a standard one-size-fits-all hotel room. When you pay for luxury, it’s often the little things that make the greatest difference, and a property’s decorations are no exception.

The Views

Another thing to keep in mind is the view from the windows and front door. In a central property, you want a view of the skyline or of the beautiful buildings across from yours. In a more secluded property, you may be able to open your front door to find trees, gardens, or pleasant buildings in a quiet area. If a property is billed as being secluded and tranquil, but there’s a major roadway right outside the front door, you may wish to consider if the noise and traffic would be a problem during your stay.


Finally, it’s important to note whether there are daily or weekly cleaning services during your trip. Sometimes high-end properties come complete with your own cleaner or maid, but other times you’re left on your own until you checkout. Think about how often you’d want a cleaning crew to service the property or if you’d rather enjoy your stay without any additional help. You can always request or cancel cleaning services, but some properties may not offer it at all which is why it’s important to find out before you book.

A Unique Experience

Sometimes properties are listed as luxurious because they provide a unique experience that can’t be replicated anywhere else. This may include staying inside of an old monk’s castle, in the tower of an old Gothic church, or on the grounds of a historic garden. In these cases, you’re paying a premium price more for the experience rather than the amenities. These properties may be listed as high-end since they offer a once in a lifetime view or experience, but don’t expect the same amenities that you’d find in a newly built penthouse suite. However, if you’re a history buff or wish to have an experience unlike anything else, it may be worth sacrificing high-end silverware for the chance to sleep in an ancient building.

Breath Taking Airbnb

By utilizing all of these Airbnb tips, you’re guaranteed to find the perfect high-end rental anywhere in the world. Make a checklist about what you expect to find in your dream property, and spend the time to find the listing that matches your criteria. Once you find the perfect place, you’ll be able to indulge in the world’s greatest luxuries while exploring the best that your destination has to offer!


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