How to Avoid Parties in your Vacation Rental

With party season approaching, it’s important to ensure you get the right guests in your vacation rental for Halloween, Thanks Giving, Christmas and New Years Eve. In order to prevent parties, here are some of our top tips.

Review your reservations

Any requests that you get from guests be sure to follow up to ensure that person understand your house rules and ask simple questions, like asking them the reasons for their stay and who will be joining them in the property. Don’t be afraid to cancel instant bookings, if you feel that the guest doesn’t match your criteria or isn’t suited to your property.

Set strong expectations with potential bookers

Use house rules to set expectations. Ensure that you set clear rules before rental occur before a tenant moves in; he or she should assure you that they are going to abide by the rules and regulations made. Include any restrictions that should apply to your property in the house rules. If possible, someone who is not okay with the rules should not move in since you don’t want unexpected surprises during your stay. People should be given the rules during the time of inquiries so that they can make a decision of whether they are in or not.

Pay attention to how you describe your property

When describing your property, do not mention that the property is great for any kind of event. Anyone renting the property should understand the rules; guests should be in a position to understand your expectations around events and noise.

Check your deposit settings

Check your listing to ensure you have a damage deposit. Having a high damage deposit will help warn of potential party guests.

Double-check last-minute bookings

Last-minute bookings are the bookings you should really look out for during the party season, as most parties are organised last minute.

Question local bookings

Beware of any guests that are locals, be sure to ask questions before accepting their booking. Guests who are local have a high percentage of inviting unauthorised guests to your property and this is how impromptu parties start

Check their reviews

Most people won’t want to lose their ratings that they have built up, so guests with a high number of reviews often tend to follow the house rules. Beware for new accounts.

Say no to one-night bookings

This is probably the biggest tell. Increase the minimum stay period during these important dates to 3-5 days, people who just wanna party will not want to have the extra expenses.

Introduce a noise monitoring device

A noise monitoring device is great because you can simply monitor your properties without invading your guest’s privacy. Most homeowners and property managers use this device to ensure that their property is responsibly rented. This device will alert you in case of noise; it is amazing and helpful because you will take action when it’s not late.

Establish a good relationship with your neighbours

You should have a good relationship with your neighbours and, if possible, let them have your phone number or the vacation rental manager’s number so that in case any issue arises, they are able to reach you directly. instead of them calling the local council or police. Your neighbours will be your first line of defence against parties.

Report misconduct

If someone doesn’t follow the rules by either hosting a house party or doing something else that is not appropriate, just report. The case will be investigated by Vrbo & Airbnb to check if policies were broken. In case of anything, just contact the authorities, it is quite understandable that some people tend to break simple rules. Rules and regulations provided ensure that people live in a peaceful environment; everyone should follow the provided rules. Neighbours want peace as well as everyone else; breaking property rules is wrong, and if violated, you might face charges. Get in touch with customer services right away do not delay.

Authorized events should follow local law regulations

If there is any authorized event on your property, there is no reason as to why they should break the rules. If your area does not allow gatherings or night bookings, then make sure that tenants and guests understand the rules. Be warned if you do openly accept parties and events, Airbnb has been removing these types of properties from its platform over the last few months, especially during this pandemic.



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