How to Avoid Cancellations

Cancellations on your property are normal. But if they are frequent, they can affect the ranking of your listing on the various channels that you are listed on. It’s therefore wise that you avoid them as much as possible. Here are some useful tips on how you can do that.

Highlight Your House Rules

When a client doesn’t meet the rules of your house, they can resort to cancelling their booking. To avoid this, ensure that you add house rules in the property description. They allow you to restrict certain holidaymakers from booking your house. For instance, state clearly whether you allow parties, pets, or smoking. Guests should be able to know these rules before booking your property.

Add Custom Rates

Property owners charge differently during peak and off-peak periods. If a client books for a lower price, that you didn’t want to charge, they may cancel their reservation once you update your pricing for that time frame. It’s, therefore, wise to regularly review your rates to ensure that you’re charging the correct amount during that time frame. Add custom rates for special events, busy seasons, or holidays as these are the peak seasons.

If you don’t have the time to monitor events and frequently update your pricing, consider using a Dynamic Pricing Tool. These will check for important dates and events in your local area and adjust your pricing accordingly. All you need to do is connect these tools to your Airbnb or Vrbo listing and it will do the rest, helping you maximise your profits.

Sync Your Calendars

One reason for cancellation is that your property might be unavailable as it’s already booked on a different site or you’ll be using it during the time frame a client wants to book it. In such cases, calendar syncing may be helpful. It helps keep your normal calendar and your calendars on sites like Airbnb, or Google, updated. Syncing your calendar prevents double bookings, which ultimately reduces cancellations.

To help manage multiple platforms consider using a channel manager. A channel manager will assist you by listing your property on multiple channels, syncing your calendars and have a central place for your messages.

What If I Can’t Avoid the Cancellations?

Our company offers cancellation waivers for different circumstances. These waivers don’t affect your ranking in the marketplace. Plus, Airbnb & Vrbo review them case-by-case. Some scenarios that may qualify one for a cancellation waiver include:

  • Violation of house rules
  • Natural disasters
  • Unpaid balance from clients
  • Damages on your property

If you do cancel under one of these extenuating circumstances, you are likely to be asked supporting documentation.


Most cancellations can be avoided. Use the above tips to reduce cancellations and help simplify things for both you and your guests. If you do need to cancel call Vrbo or Airbnb and speak to the customer services team. Make your case and if you’re lucky you may not be penalised for the cancellation. To understand what it means to cancel be sure to read our vacation rental cancellation tips.


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