Hosts Now Must Enrol to Airbnb’s Cleaning Policy

Airbnb is mandating extra cleaning protocols for homes and buildings to stay in compliance.

Airbnb is looking to make new safety measures that are set to go in place by November 20th to make sure everything is clean during this global crisis.

If a host does not comply with these new protocols they may be removed from the Airbnb platform.

The new Enhanced Cleaning Protocol was first brought out in April due to the lockdowns that happened all over the world. There is a five-step process for cleaning. This includes scrubbing all of the floors, wiping down and disinfecting surfaces that are high touch areas, washing all bed sheets and linens on the high heat setting, and make sure rooms are properly ventilated.

Hosts will now have to log into the Airbnb system to show that they have met these requirements. Wearing a mask and establishing the social distancing protocols are expected from all host. Hosts in China do not have to follow these measures as they have their own mandated cleaning requirements.

Airbnb did make a statement regarding these changes. They want people to know that these new requirements will improve their listing and meet the needs of their customers. People are three times more likely to book a place that is enrolled in the Enhanced Cleaning Protocol than others that are not.

The company also stated that new measures are going to be added. They are looking for ways to prevent partying. Customers cannot book a room for one night during Halloween or the times when parties are common. Parties have been banned since August following violent incidents and illegal activities that have been reported.

The company is looking to improve their security and public image. Airbnb is looking to raise money to continue to offer its services to the customers.