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GuestReady Blog

The GuestReady blog is one which was created in 2016 by a property management company who designed it to provide tips to those looking to rent out their property. Tips they provide come from both professionals and other users around the globe, making it easier for their users to find information that pertains specifically to their listing needs.

They provide those who visit their site with an easy to navigate panel containing different articles, each covering a specific concern or question that those looking to rent out their property may have. These articles range from covering basic topics such as guest safety and etiquette to more complex topics such as being and having a co-host for your listing. Articles provided by this site are used to cover information from London, Paris, Dubai, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Porto, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Cannes. With each of these articles, viewers are also able to post comments at the bottom of the page, so they can ask questions about the article to ensure that they understand all of its contents.

GuestReady Blog.



The Sub-Reddit page dedicated to the use of those interested in Airbnb acts as a forum where people can discuss many different aspects of their listings or reservations to stay at someone else’s listing. Provided in their navigation bar are two uniquely designed guides for those that are new to their page on Reddit. The guides provide tips to the page’s viewers where one is dedicated to hosts, and the other is dedicated to guests so that their information is more organized and easy for their viewers to navigate. These guides list a variety of information about things such as various rules Airbnb has regarding reservations, rules about managing payment, and how to handle issues you may have with your guests.

Within the forum posts made by the site’s users, there are answers to important questions as well as hosting tips provided by both guests and other hosts as well. You also have the option to submit your own question as well if you do not see an already existing post discussing the topic. They also may have posts created by users that details services and products they have found to be helpful with their own listing. The information inside these forum posts is available worldwide as those who contribute to the page come from many different countries. A platform is also available for you to send a message to one of the page moderators if you have any questions or concerns that they may be able to address for you that is not already mentioned in a post by another user.



Laptop Landlord

Laptop Landlord is a website that provides users with an easy to understand and follow guide, full of information on how to profitably hosting your property. This guide is designed to prevent readers from having to sift through hours worth of tips and tricks regarding being a host and skip straight to the ones that will benefit them the most. The guide is made up of eight chapters, each geared toward covering a specific category of tips that hosts can use. Some of these categories include: how to take photos, how to keep your property looking nice and tidy, and everything that a host needs to know about taxes.

The author of this guide, Tyler Knudtson, also gives his own thoughts at the end of each category’s table of contents providing readers with more insight. Contacting the author is also an option as well if you have a detailed and in-depth question that you would like to receive help with. Bonuses for each prepared chapter are also an option for readers who are interested in learning more about each of the chapters’ topics. A Twitter page has also been created for more information where news regarding Airbnb is frequently posted as well as a small number of other tips that can be useful.

Laptop LandLord


Everbooked Blog

This blog was created to share news, information, and tips about how to properly host a listing for your property. The blog is composed of various articles, each written by a site admin or staff member of Everbooked, the company which manages the website. They also write about updates their company goes through so that their readers who use their other services are kept up to date on how the company is changing as well as what kind of effects it will have on their services. New posts on average are added every two to three months with the oldest post dating back to March 2015. The posts that this blog provides readers with is based only on laws and information found within the United States as this is the only country where the company provides other services as well.

Everbooked Blog


Metro Butler

This blog is one which has been created to provide users with information about valuable services. Stored in a list that is comprised of various articles, this blog gives detailed information about how the services offered by other companies work and how they can be an asset to your listing. These services range a fair deal in terms of what they are used for and can be something as simple as item storage locations throughout a city to spaces designed specifically for luggage storage. Many of these services are available primarily in New York City as this is where the company who runs the site is located.

The website also prepares informative articles to tell their readers changes being made to Airbnb throughout the United States so they can stay up to date about how their listing may be affected by those changes. Along with the informative articles they also create social media posts that serve the same purpose. The social media platform which they have chosen to do this on is Facebook although they do have an Instagram account where they post images that can serve as inspiration for hosts.




The AirDNA blog is one which has been made to provide readers with tips and up to date news about Airbnb. Their articles that are geared towards providing helpful tips cover a wide range of topics including where you should or should not buy a vacation home, how you should go about investing in out of state property, and how to improve the communication that you as a host have with your guests.

When it comes to the portion of their articles that are created specifically to provide you with important news you will find that many of the articles are primarily about how cities are adopting new laws and restrictions that directly impact those renting out their property. This includes both articles about the United States as a whole and those about specific cities, such as Santa Monica and Los Angeles. These articles also cover changes that the Airbnb company is making so that as a host you are constantly kept in the loop and not surprised by any sudden changes.

One final type of article that this blog makes to provide their readers with useful information is their services articles. These articles are made to help you find services that may make your job as a host more simple while also improving your listing. Services covered in these articles vary quite a bit but seem to mainly focus on services that revolve around analytics and price planning.

AirDNA Blog



Pillow is a blog designed to provide readers with hundreds of helpful tips, services, and important updates that will make hosting their property more simple. These articles are organized into two categories so that it is easy for users to navigate and locate articles that are most likely to aid them. The first category is the “New” category, where readers can go to find the information and news articles that are most likely to be up to date. Some of the topics these news articles cover include changes being made to the AirBnB company that will affect users and what the most popular listings have done to gain their fame.

The second category is the “Popular” category, where articles that are viewed and liked the most appear. This allows readers to understand fully which articles are likely to be the most helpful as they have been proven to be useful by the site’s other readers.

Searching through their articles is also an available option if you already have a topic in mind that you would like to find out more about, without the hassle of searching through hundreds of articles. After entering any topic into their search bar you will be taken to an easy to read the list of links and descriptions of articles available for you to read.

In order to be kept up to date on new articles, you can also subscribe to their blog using your email. Pillow will then send you an email notifying you when new articles have been posted on their website for you to read.




Chic Retreat is a blog designed to help hosts know how to make their listing look as unique and well decorated as possible. They create articles that are made to give hosts the basic knowledge of what their guests will want to see during their stay at their listing and about how much it will cost to achieve the ideal look. Their articles are arranged so that you have a better understanding of which steps in decorating your property should be covered first. For example, they have articles that are made to cover specifically the very beginning of the decorating process, making it easier for readers not to become overwhelmed by all of the different decorating ideas.

They also have multiple lists available that cover items that are essential for your listing to be enjoyed by your guests. These lists are broken down based on the type of items that each one covers, such as essential kitchen items. Purchasing a book from them covering this exact topic is also an option as the author of these articles has written one of those as well. Subscribing to their blog will also result in you receiving one of these lists as well as updates when more lists and articles have become available for you to read.

1 Chic Retreat


Get Paid For Your Pad

This blog’s main purpose is to help their readers learn how to own and manage a profitable listing. Their articles cover topics that are both well-known as well as those that are more obscure, and not necessarily immediately thought of by hosts who are searching for useful information. Some of the topics which they cover include how to write proper photo captions, how to write an interesting listing description, and how you should choose your cancellation policy.

Should you read through an article and still have remaining questions, you are able to post a comment asking this question which will then be answered by the author of the article. This way you can receive more clarification about the topic. You can also receive helpful feedback about your listing in the same way. The author, Mr. Jasper Ribbers, generally responds to comments within three days of the post date as long as the article itself is relatively new.

A Facebook page is dedicated to this blog where the authors provide more information as well. This information includes news articles as well as more helpful listing tips. The makers of this blog have also created a podcast as well, for those who are interested in listening to new information as well as reading it. However, this podcast is only available to those with access to iTunes.

Get Paid For Your Pad



VRMB is a blog which goes away from the standard article style blogs and instead provides information and tips to users through videos as well as articles. Each video is about two to six minutes long and covers a unique topic. One such video type is their series “Monday Morning Motivation”, which was created with the intention of helping hosts overcome various issues and stay motivated about having a successful listing. One such area that these videos address is the difficulty many hosts have with developing a website to promote their listing as well as any others they may have.

Following each video is a description of what it has to offer as well as credit given to those who worked to create it. Some videos also have a copy of the video’s transcript provided as well so viewers can read along as they listen to the video, and read more small details that are missing from the video’s dialogue. At the bottom of each video’s page is also a comment section where viewers can communicate with both the video’s creator and one another, sharing information and ideas to help each other be more successful.

Many of their articles are fairly long as they are stuffed full of useful information and statistics related to growing the popularity and profitability of your listing. The topics in these articles cover areas such as how to provide important information to your guests, why rental design is important to your listing’s success, and the double-edged sword that is rental statistics.



Airbnb Secrets

Airbnb Secrets is a blog which creates content designed to give users tips about various aspects of their listings. These created and published tips come in a combination of both articles and videos, so users have multiple formats to receive information from. Many of the topics that their tips cover go over the essentials of managing a successful listing from basics such as what tools or apps to use, to more complex tips about how to properly automate the price of your listing.

Each of the videos shows three pieces of information about it and those are the numbers of likes, views, and comments so viewers can judge which videos are worth their time based on the kind of feedback they have received. These likes are also used for the “Most Popular” list. This list shows users which ten posts are considered the most useful by other users so that you have a better idea of which ones you should start with. They also have an additional YouTube channel where you can locate more videos as well as some of the same ones already posted on their blog’s page.

Many of these articles and videos also demonstrate or explain various services and how they can be helpful to hosts and make guests’ stays easier to manage. If as a host you have a specific question which you are looking to have answered their page also has a search function so there is no need for you to scroll through hundreds of pages to find the answer that you are looking for.

Airbnb Secrets


Hostaway Blog

The Hostaway Blog is one which was created with the purpose of helping hosts figure out the basics of using different types of services quickly and easily. They have created a panel of informative articles based on these topics. When it comes to available services they keep hosts up to date on how those services are changing, and how that may affect the business that the host does with them. For example, they inform hosts in the event that two services decide to partner with one another as it may affect the host if they use either one or both of the services.

They also write articles that cover basic tips to improve your listing and make it more attractive to various types of guests. Their articles are not based around any specific location so they have information that can likely help people from all different areas of the globe. In order to keep track of these articles users have the option to subscribe to updates which will be sent out to their chosen email as they become available.

Hostaway Blog


AirHosts Forum

This website is a forum where hosts can talk to one another and provide advice about various issues and hosting opportunities. These posts can be organized based on category using their automatic sorting option. The categories that can be used include resources, tools, local news, and site suggestions. This way posters and readers can look for posts that specifically relate to their questions or issues. For each post, you can also see how many views and replies have been made so you can tell how active a post is and whether or not you are likely to find a response that suits your situation.

They also have a blog that makes posts designed to clarify various policies that are important for managing your listing. In this blog, only site admins are able to make contributions so you can be more confident that you are getting accurate information. Like the forum, they have categories as well for things such as hosting tools which keeps the site organized and easy to navigate. You can also use a search function to locate posts in this section that directly relate to what you are trying to find.

AirHosts Forum


Your Welcome Blog

Your Welcome is a blog that is primarily used to inform users about the latest features for hosts, as well as summits and conferences held around North America and their outcomes. These features that they discuss are ones which have been added both to the main Airbnb website or app, as well as those added to outside companies who offer their services to hosts. The services offered by companies mentioned in this blog are mostly those which focus on the analytics aspects of managing your listing, however, there are a few which focus on customer service as well.

The summits and conferences which they promote on their site are those where hosts are welcome to attend and receive more information. Some of the information they discuss during these events includes how to connect devices and tools, North America travel trends, and how to increase the booking your listing receives. When you are not sitting through the talks made about these topics you can speak to those who run this blog directly at the booth which they have set up at each event. There you can discuss any questions or ideas you have related to your listing and get valuable feedback from those who know a fair bit about the subject.

Your Welcome Blog


All About Airbnb

This blog has been designed to keep hosts up to date on the latest news, product updates, and promotions. Their main priority is ensuring that their readers are kept up to date on any major changes being made that can have an impact on a host’s listing, whether it be a negative or a positive one. Some of these changes are simple updates to the website and apps functions, created to make the listing easier to create and maintain, while also ensuring that it looks appealing to guests.

Through using Tumblr the maker of this blog has allowed for useful tools to be available on their blog, making it easier to navigate and give feedback. The types of articles listed are organized into various tags so you know what topic each one covers. For example, some articles contain the “#Marketing” tag, so if you are looking for information about marketing tools you can begin by searching through the articles that have this tag. Each article also has the option to leave a note, a comment you can use to communicate back and forth with other users, at the bottom of the page. This allows you to receive additional insight into the available services or news they are writing about.

All About Airbnb


Guesty Blog

The Guesty Blog was created to provide users with information about how to save time and money, while also keeping their guests satisfied and pleased with their stay. Their articles cover a wide range of unique topics including common guest inquiries, dealing with negative reviews from guests, and how to have a budget-friendly interior design for your listing.

This blog also has features that help you determine which article tips are best for you. Each article has a rating option at the bottom of the page that can be looked at by users to see what other users think of the information and tips provided. This will allow you to determine which articles tips may be the best to follow based on how others have benefitted from them. Some of the articles also indicate services that hosts may find useful by discussing them and providing a link to an outside site where you are able to use these services.

The page also has a “chat widget” for if you have any questions related to their blog or other services. Clicking on it will immediately connect you with one of their employees, or if one is unavailable allow you to provide your contact information so that they are able to get back to you.

Guesty Blog


The Airbnb Blog

This blog created by Airbnb focuses on sharing stories and experiences that guests and hosts from around the world have had. They have their articles organized into various categories based on either a location type, group of people, or celebrity experience. One category they have is their Wanderlust category. Here is where they describe the various activities and experiences that can be had around the world including places like Chicago, Porvoo, and Durban.

Another category that they have is the Updates & News category which is where they post different types of articles including the “Experience In The Spotlight Series”. In this series, they arrange for famous people from different career types to meet with everyday people who are interested in that career type to explore the city and pick up helpful tips along the way.

The blog has a number of features that make it useful. Some of the articles that are available are written to provide tips and information about how to improve your listing. This can be in a variety of ways including improving the appearance of your listing by investing in better decor. Once you have selected an article that seems interesting to you there is also the option to translate the text into one of many available languages including Spanish, French, and Italian. This way no matter what language you speak fluently you are able to enjoy and learn from the available content.

The Airbnb Blog



LearnAirbnb created their blog to provide viewers with tips essential for the running of a successful listing. These tips cover both the things that you should do as well as the things that you should avoid doing if you want your listing to be profitable and enjoyed by your guests. You can search through the articles to find the ones that are the most enjoyed by other users by checking the list of popular articles. You are also able to cycle through this list to view the most popular based on a period of time. For example, if you wish to you can only view the articles that are the most popular ones from the last week. In order to keep up to date on all of their latest articles, you are able to subscribe to their newsletter so they will let you know when each new article is published.

A YouTube channel is also available that can be reached through their blog page. There they create and upload new videos about various important aspects of managing your property in an efficient, profitable, and legal way. Some of the topics that these videos cover include Airbnb tips for handling your taxes, writing the best description for your listing, and what you should do in terms of cleaning services for your property. Because they have this done through such a popular social media site, there are many comments for each video, so you are able to receive different opinions and information towards the topic of each one.



OptimizeMyBnb.com Blog

This blog is one which was created for the purpose of providing readers with information and tips covering a wide range of topics to ensure that their listing is a success. They have multiple panels of articles, each panel stored in a different tab so that the categories are kept separate and organized. There are three major categories which are the ones users will find to be the most important and helpful to them.

The first category they have is their “Listing Tips” category. Here they store the articles that are used to inform readers about important aspects of a listing whether you are a guest or host. Some topics in this category include completing your profile page and whether or not you should choose a pet-friendly listing.

The second category is the “Host Tips” category. Not to be confused with the prior category this one is used for tips that specifically apply to hosts. Some of the topics that are covered in this category include how to properly use interior design to help your property appeal to guests, how to handle the slow season, and how to provide an impressive amount of amenities.

The third category is the “Airbnb News” category. This is the section where they publish articles related to changes that the company is making for both hosts and guests. Doing so keeps both groups up to date on important information that may alter the way they handle listings in the future.

Should you simply wish to browse through articles you can also either look through the category which displays all the articles or the random section which will give you a few articles from mixed categories.

OptimizeMyBnb.com Blog



This blog was created by people familiar with the ways that Airbnb works in order to help other hosts be more successful with their listings. They have their blog’s tips organized into two separate sections in order to enhance organization and efficiency.

The first section which they have is the “Airbnb Hints and Tips” section. This section covers a wide range of topics about optimizing your profits by enhancing your guests experience during their stay on your property. Topics in this section include essential items you must-have for your guests, software options to aid your hosting work, and how to turn your balcony into a profitable space.

The second section covers specifically tips and hints related to the interior of your property. The tips and hints in this category are made to help you design your property’s interior in a way that allows your guests to feel comfortable and at home. Including things such as how to make a bedroom a relaxing space and how to have a well-functioning kitchen, this section is where users will go when they are trying to find information that will make their guest’s experience at their property more enjoyable.

At the bottom portion of the pages, there is also an option to leave a comment to the author of the articles. There you can request more information or clarification about something previously stated in the article.



AirbnbWATCH Blog

Airbnb Watch is a blog created with the intention of informing people of the effects that Airbnb has on different communities. They post detailed reports of how prices fluctuate based on the number of listings located in one area. Each of these reports is based on areas where there is a major event going on such as college graduation. Tables are made comparing the cost of a rental on a normal evening to the cost of one on the night of an event. Pictures are also included in these documents to demonstrate how much people are paying on different nights for rooms that are of the same quality.

Once they have completed these reports, they also provide their readers with an article giving the details of the report to make it more comprehensible. They clarify the tables in this way by directly addressing the main aspects of the statistics shown in their report that they wish to make their readers aware of so that there is no miscommunication in their writing.

AirbnbWATCH Blog



The Rentalpreneurs blog was created to provide tips and information about services available to those managing a listing. They provide this information through articles written in a combination of languages including both English and Indonesian. These articles cover both things which you should be and things which you should not be doing in order to have a successful listing. Some of the topics covered in these articles includes why you should attend conferences when you are able, how to maximize your rental’s revenues, and whether or not you should choose to make your listing a pet-friendly one.

There is a discussion section at the bottom of each article for readers to converse with one another as well as the author in order to contribute their own opinions and information. This provides users with the opportunity to learn more about a given topic through communication with people from many different areas.

A chat widget is also an option that is available from any page on the website. This widget allows you to immediately connect with a staff member who can answer any urgent questions you may have in the event that you are not able to wait the necessary time that it takes to communicate through email.



Hostmaker Blog

The Hostmaker Blog is one which has been created to provide readers with articles that help hosts run a profitable listing as easily as is possible. The articles cover topics that vary a fair bit including how to make your listing unique, how to figure out country laws related to your property rental, and how to develop a solid pricing strategy for your listing.

In these articles, they also include links to useful services and items that will enhance the experience your guests have on your property. With these links, they also provide a description of what these services/items are as well as how they can be an asset to your listing and increase your profits. They offer their own services as well which they have located on their main website as well as in multiple articles.

Subscribing to their newsletter is an option and doing this will allow you to receive email updates notifying you as new articles are published onto the website. This will make sure that you are kept up to date on the blog’s latest changes, so you are kept in the loop about changes made to services that will directly affect your listing and/or your profits.

Updated: HostMaker have now closed their business – All business for HostMaker now goes through Houst.


Renting Your Place

This blog is one which focuses on providing articles about how hosts are able to make the most profits with their listing in different areas. Many of these articles are brief and provide graphs and diagrams depicting the statistics surrounding the profits and costs of hosts. The topics covered in these articles, although being primarily based on profits, vary a great deal. Some of the topics covered in these articles include important reservation settings, how to cash in on local events, and reducing your property’s utility bills.

This site also has an ebook available for those looking for more information that can help them run a successful listing. This ebook covers various aspects of running a listing in a way that maximizes your profits including how to deal with landlords, how to show up on the first page of a listing search, and other tips which are not listed on the main page of their blog.

The blog also contains two podcasts that are available to listen to. The first podcast is one which was created by another website and is posted on this site as well and the second podcast was created by the same people who made this blog and wrote the accompanying ebook.

Renting Your Place


HomeAway Blog

This blog helps inspire hosts by providing them with useful information when it comes to managing their listings as well as examples of other listings found throughout the world. Their site contains two sections called the “Traveler” and the “Homeowners” section.

The Traveler section is made for those looking for unique places to go on vacation. Their articles in this section are various lists of properties around the world, often fitting into a specific theme that has been chosen for that article. For example, they covered an article that listed various tiny homes, a new modern living trend that is becoming popular in many different countries.

The Homeowners section is where those who own a listing can go to find various tips and resources. Here they categorize the type of articles they have based on how it will most aid you. There are areas within this section fitted for various topics including performance improvement, guest management, and successful use of the services that they provide. When you begin exploring articles in these areas you will find that they are broken down even more. For example, in the guest management area articles are broken down into sub-categories such as policies and regulations.

If navigating this site seems a bit troublesome at first there is another way to do it as well. Located at the top of the homeowner’s section is a search bar which will allow you to easily locate articles directly related to the specific topic that you have in mind. However, if you do not find the article that you are looking for you can subscribe to their newsletter to be updated when the next article is published.


Updated: HomeAway has now become VRBO

HomeAway Blog


The Abundant Host

The Abundant Host is a blog which is designed to give hosts easy to follow tips and guides about how to be. On their blog’s homepage, they immediately provide readers with tips of what they should not do in order to keep their guests happy and leaving with positive reviews. These tips range from the basics such as not charging for every little thing that comes to mind to more complex things to avoid such as not trying to push off your other creations onto your guests, as it makes you seem like a pushy salesman.

Other tips that they have available for their readers are posted into articles that are easy to read and follow. Even though they are easy to follow along with there is also a discussion section located at the bottom of each page where you can communicate with others who can provide clarification or their own opinions about a certain subject. You also can sign up for their newsletter which will notify you as new posts are added to the blog. These updates will be sent to whichever email you use when you sign up but you will also receive a guide containing even more tips as well.

They also have a section on their blog dedicated to informing readers about tools that will make being a host more simple and enjoyable. These tools can range from analytics tools to services provided by cleaning companies dedicated to ensuring that your property is clean and tidy for your guests.

The Abundant Host



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Airbnb enhances the accessibility search filters for guests

Airbnb has improved its search filters and accessibility review process to make it simpler for persons with impairments to discover lodgings on its marketplace. A specialist team of Airbnb agents will now examine photos that hosts upload show casing their homes’ accessibility features, and will examine them to see if they’re acceptable for persons with impairments. Airbnb’s search criteria for accessibility features have also

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