Extra Protection for Airbnb Hosts For Damages

To further safeguard Airbnb hosts, the company has introduced AirCover. Unlike Host Protection, which only insured the structure of the house,

Airbnb’s Host Protection package covered up to $1 million in damage and liability coverage, but hosts complained about the holes in the policy where certain damages were not covered. Pets have become more of a consideration for both hosts and visitors as Covid-19 has prompted many people to buy a pet now those new pet owners wish to take their pets on vacation. However, hosts are reluctant to allow pets into their homes due to smells, fur and damage and these were not covered under the previous hosts protection scheme.

AirCover provides comprehensive coverage for the whole house and is now available to all hosts on the platform for no additional charge. Up to $1 million in damages and now $1 million in liability coverage, for co-hosts  Additionally, this covers coverage for income loss, damage from pets, and thorough cleaning.

As per before you have  14-days to submit an application the programme promises speedier payments to hosts that make a claim, with expedited claims for Airbnb Superhosts.