External Airbnb Advice

While we strive to offer comprehensive information here at Hosts & Homes, we understand that your needs may vary. In such cases, these external websites can be valuable resources. We’ve carefully selected these links to provide you with additional support and information for your Airbnb. If you can’t find what you’re looking for here at Hosts & Homes, these sites might have the answers you seek.


  • Airbnb’s official Host forum
    Connect with fellow hosts, exchange hosting experiences, and share ideas within the community. Provided by Airbnb and most users are verified from their Airbnb account.
  • Airhosts forum
    This forum is committed to fostering connections among hosts through impartial hosts and third party reviews. One of the largest forum out there.
  • Airbnb on Reddit
    Created for sharing insights, experiences, and valuable resources, catering to aspiring, current, or former Airbnb hosts.
  • VRBO Owners Forum
    A gathering space for VRBO Owners to come together, fostering the exchange of thoughts and addressing shared concerns about VRBO
  • VRBO for owners on Reddit
    Intended to share information regarding the practice of vacation rental by owners of VRBO spaces.

Official Support

  • Airbnb Help Center
    The Airbnb Help Center is a comprehensive resource dedicated to providing assistance and support to its users. Whether you’re a guest or a host, this platform offers a wealth of information to address common queries, troubleshoot issues, and navigate various aspects of the Airbnb experience. From booking guidance to policy clarifications, the Help Center is designed to empower users with the knowledge they need to make the most of their Airbnb journey.
  • VRBO Help
    This is your go-to online destination for comprehensive assistance and guidance related to Vrbo vacation rentals. This platform offers valuable information to address inquiries, troubleshoot issues, and enhance your overall Vrbo experience.
  • TripAdvisor Help Desk
    Users will find resources, FAQs, and contact options to address TripAdviors rental queries and issues.