Those who have used Airbnb in the past know how upsetting it is when there are hidden charges. Also, the feeling of frustration can arise when there is no clear medium to air a dispute.

In response to these numerous complaints, the EU Commission is cracking down on home-sharing service lack of transparency. Any additional costs for the home, such as cleaning, service fees and taxes, must be listed upfront in the initial quote.

Additionally, the hosts must now disclose if it is a private or professional listing since the short-term rentals market has attracted more professional hosting services. Furthermore, there must be easy to find a link to the Online Dispute Resolution service on the site.

There are further checks and balances added to the terms of service as well making it known that consumers have the right to sue in case of personal harm or damages in one’s country of residence. Airbnb is also not allowed to change their terms and conditions without informing present clients and giving them the right to cancel their contracts when they do change their terms and conditions.

The EU Commission and EU Consumer Authorities contacted Airbnb in July 2018 to make known these complaints. The parties were ensuring that the company complied with the current standards stipulated in EU consumer law. Overall make it whole service much more transparent.