Dealing With Bed Bugs in Your Airbnb

Oh no! Bed bugs are one of the worst things you can experience as a guest. Sooner or later it’s likely you’ll get them. All it requires is a guest that picked some up from a hotel or hostel and now you have an infestation.


Always be checking

Get your cleaners to regularly check the mattress and surrounding areas for signs of bed bugs. Bedbugs are very small and have flat bodies, normally oval in shape and brownish in colour.  Have your cleaners check the mattresses for bloodstained spots on the sheets and look into small gaps and cracks for the sign of these bugs.

Bed Bug Life Cycle

The life cycle starts as an egg, then nymph and finally onto an adult bug. An adult female can lay nearly 130 eggs, but they need to feed on hosts to molt from one stage of the life cycle to another.  They need approximately 5-6 weeks to complete a life cycle and can lay dormant for up to 1-year without feeding.

Deal With The Issue Immediately

  • At the first sign of bugs strip all sheets, linen and curtains etc… and have this washed at high temperatures.
  • Tumble dry any delicates that you cannot wash at a high temperature. Things like teddy bears etc…
  • Scrub with a hard bush the folds of the mattress.
  • Vacuum clean everything; especially the small cracks in the bed frames and draws.  Once you have completed vacuum empty the bags immediately, otherwise you risk them crawling back out.
  • Do the above frequently to ensure you get them all.

Get Professional Help

If you continue to see them for more than a month. Call the professionals in!
Most professional will do an initial visit and a follow-up to ensure they haven’t missed any. Some of the chemicals that they use can be harmful to humans and pets so make sure you don’t have guests for at least 3-days. If necessary cancel a booking so you can have the property treated.
If they infest the mattress, Dispose of it.  It’s unlikely you can get rid of them at this stage.

Regular Regime

As a regular regime; use a fogger every 3-months, this will act as a preventive method. These can be placed in a bedroom to help prevent the infestation of unaffected areas and keep them at bay. You may want to do this more often in the summer months.
If a guest reports bed bugs then you can be delisted from their site. So keep your property bug free.

Recommended Products

Foggers; place these in the center of the room and these will help get rid of those pesky bugs.
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Put these in any high traffic areas to help catch bugs lying around the property.
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Protect your guests bags from any potential bugs with a metal stand.
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