Chinese authorities demand details of Airbnb guests

Airbnb will start sending information to the Chinese government about the customers who will book accommodation in China. The kind of information shared will include dates of booking and the passport details.

Hosts who list the accommodation will have their information given to authorities once they accept bookings. The online giant says that it is complying with laws and regulations, like the other businesses in China. Airbnb has almost 140,000 listings of local operators. Necessary rules Hotels in China must share information about there their guests with the local government and police.

Travelers and tourists who live in private homes should also register their details with the authority within one day of arrival. Airbnb says it is simply following the laid down process of Chinas hospitality industry. The information that they collect is the same as what China hotels have been getting for ages. This is according to an Airbnb spokesperson. The step they are taking as they get other ways of helping guests and hosts follow rules and regulations. Unlike what happens in most countries, before Airbnb accepts your accommodation, they provide your passport information to the authorities. You have to provide a passport before you do hotel booking. The local authorities store this information and they share it with authorities when they request.

What will happen is that they will share the information once you book. Information will be sent to the authorities once you accept the bookings. The company has communicated to all its China hosts that their information will be given to the government going forward. Those not happy with this new arrangement were allowed to terminate their accommodation offering


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